Glamorous Yuneec H920 Hexacopter Review

Yuneec H920 Plus
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Yuneec is well known by high-quality drones. H920 is proof of that. With this drone, you are capable to record amazing videos without too much of a trouble.


  • High-Quality Material
  • Drone is made from Carbon Fibber
  • Strong battery and Long Flying Time
  • Extremely Useful Camera Modes
  • High-Quality Camera Capable of real Zooming
  • Independent controlling of the camera make this drone ideal for professional video recording.


  • Price, I won’t lie to you, this drone is not for new pilots and not for amateurs. Price make sure that only professional drone pilots use this drone.

Yuneec is one of the best drone manufacturers who is fighting to grab the piece of the drone market. And to tell you the truth they are doing a great job. The main competitor is DJI, and we all know how popular is DJI, but the Yuneec drones are at the same level as the DJI drones, and today I will try to prove that by reviewing a Yuneec H920.

Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus Info

This drone is not built for amateurs or new pilots. The main reason for this is the price. This drone is for professionals because the price of H920 is very high. But the professionals who buy this drone know and understand why they paid extra money. Yuneec H920 is a drone that is out of the league, the quality of the material is at the highest possible level.

This drone is used by TV stations and other pilots that are recording some significant events or are regularly using the drone in some other professional manner. Most probably was the Yuneec drone that almost crashed on Marcel Hirscher head when he was taking his ride to the first place at alpine skiing in Italy a few years ago. After that accident Skii federation decided to ban drones from skiing events. With my humble opinion best move would be to teach drone pilots not to hover over peoples heads.

The accident was obvious drone pilot mistake. First, he was flying over the guy’s head and putting him in danger because as we all know the drones can lose connection with a remote controller or just lose power because of a bad battery. And flying a drone in cold weather may have an impact on battery life.

But to tell you the truth it is almost impossible that this drone was Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus because the safety on this model is overkill. There are so many safety features that it is impossible that this drone crash on someone head alone. So if the drone in this accident was Yuneec H920 Plus, then that was clearly pilots mistake.

Hexacopter Drone

Yuneec H920 Tornado

Yuneec H920 Specifications

Strong battery with 4000mAh will make sure your drone stays in the air for almost 24 minutes. Maximum speed for Yuneec H920 is 40 kilometers per hour. This is breakneck speed. And Yuneec can operate on -10? to 50? Celsius. That just proves that even if it was cold on accidents day, Yuneec was capable of operating under that extreme conditions.

H920 Camera

The camera on H920 Plus is one of the best Panasonic camera, CGO4. It has 3x optical zoom, and it record videos at 4K UHD resolution. 16 Megapixels are more than enough to shoot high-quality photos from the air.

Control of the camera is possible from the ground by using the ST24 station. And with that, you can see real-time footage and point the camera in any direction you like. But what makes this drone amazing is a team up recording. The pilot flies the drone, and the cameraman is filming and controlling the camera. Because of this kind of features, Yuneec H920 Plus is tagged with a label of professional drone for serious drone pilots that are not afraid to lift up an incredibly expensive drone.


Hexacopter Yuneec Drone

Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus Flying Features

Return Home
The drone is capable of landing on its own by just turning on the return home mode. The drone will fly to you and land in a range of 8 meters from you.

Orbit Mode
Drone is capable of flying over you and recording the area around you. The drone will orbit you and make sure that everything is caught on the video.

Point of Interest
Same as orbit mode, but here you place a point of interest on the map, and the drone will move around that area as well make a video.

Journey Mode
The simple mode that makes drone fly out at 90 meters above you and take a nice picture from the sky.

You can also create a route for the drone and drone will follow the route and record. You can use this mode for automatic flying while you use the camera controls and record the area.

Follow Me Mode
Follow me mode is an old mode that many drones have. The drone will follow you wherever you go and point the camera at you, making sure the action around you is recorded. Very useful for taking action selfie videos.

Yuneec H920 Plus is capable of many things that you don’t see on regular amateur drones. Primary focus on this model is on the video recording. If you are a professional drone pilot and you are looking for a powerful drone with various ways of recording, then the Yuneec H920 Plus is an excellent choice. Reason for that is independent control of the camera, and while the pilot is controlling the drone, the cameraman controls the camera. That just gives additional quality to the videos that are recorded with this amazing drone.


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