Xian 1374 Drones – Guinness World Record

China is the leader in drone industry without a doubt. Not a single country comes close to China when considering the commercial drones. And because of that China is setting up new records of a maximum number of drones flying at the same time upon the sky. To make the show even better all the drones are flying during the night with lights on. And the result of that is a nice light show up in the sky.

This event happened in Xian in China. 1374 drones were used and flown above the ancient city wall. The show was lasting 13 minutes. During that time drones were performing a light show of 1200 meters long and 100 meters wide and 260 meters above the ground. The show has entered the Guinness book of records as “Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Airborne Simultaneously.”

I would like to thank New China TV for filming this fantastic drone show.

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