Worlds Best Drone Companies

There so many companies that are making drones and new companies pop out every day. The drone industry is the future. There are many plans for drone usage, and many companies see their opportunity on the market.

Top Drone Manufacturers



DJI Logo

DJI is one of the most popular drone manufacturers in the world. Their drones are built with high quality and have excellent specifications and features. And to make things even better they build affordable drones. Without doubt, DJI is today the best drone company in the world.

If you are looking for a drone for professional filmmaking, agricultural filming, real estate filming from the sky or search and rescue drone, you should get DJI. DJI Phantom Series made this company famous all over the world, and right now people all over the world are using Phantom drones to make amazing videos.

DJI headquarters are in Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen.

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Yuneec logo

We can say that Yuneec is a competitor of DJI. But we must say that Yuneec is an older company than DJI. Founded back in 1999 in Hong Kong, the company is the leader in electronic aviation. And still producing great electronic airplanes, but in 2014 they shifted to drone world and created their first drone, Typhoon Q500.

In 2016 they shocked the world with Typhoon H, a semi-professional hexacopter. Typhoon H is in the same category as DJI Phantom 4, which one is better I will leave to you to choose.

Yuneec Breeze is an affordable drone that has 4k UHD resolution camera. The drone is perfect for taking great selfies. We can say that Yuneec as the company is at the same level as DJI.

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Parrot Logo

Parrot is a French company founded in 1994, and their primary business is voice recognition and wireless signal processing for drones.

Most known drone from Parrot company is Bebop 2. Bebop 2 is an affordable drone with a great remote controller. The remote controller is what makes Parrot drones stand out on the market.

The company is also known for creating mini-drones. Not only flying drones but also ground drones and even boat drones that can move on water.

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Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics Logo

Autel Robotics headquarters are in the USA. They only sell one drone to the public, it is X-Star Premium drone. I didn’t yet get a chance to put my hands on it, but by specifications looks like a really nice drone.

What makes Autel Robotics different from other companies is their Kestrel drone. It has a flight time of 2 hours because it uses battery only for landing and taking off, after that drone cruise on the wind and in that mode can stay longer in the air. If you compare it to our Best Drones with Longest Flight Time list you will see it outperform them heavily.

Autel Robotics also has a drone with excellent camera abilities. Flir Duo has a thermal camera, which is an incredible ability to spot an enemy in the dark. This drone is military grade drone, and by a law, they are not allowed to ship it to other countries for military use.

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UDI Logo

UDI is also based in Shenzen. The company is mainly focused on producing toy grade drones, boats, and other devices. But don’t be fooled, they drones are created with high-quality material, and some of them have amazing abilities.

UDI already created many drones, and their goal is to release new drones in short future. They build mini-drones with great abilities. Piglet U36W is one of the smallest drones in the world. But my favorite drone from UDI company is Voyager U845 which looks like a UFO.

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Hubsan logo

Hubsan is a leader in toy grade drone manufacturing. They headquarters are also in China, Shenzen. They created drones under 50 dollars that have a camera. Because of that affordable price and ability to make videos or take pictures Hubsan is very attractive to customers all over the world.

Hubsan also has some quality first-person view drones at an affordable price. If you are new to the drones, my suggestion is to check one of their affordable options.

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Cheerson logo

Cheerson is based in Guangdong in China. The company was founded in 2014 and since then their main products are affordable drones.


Most famous drones series from Cheerson company is without a doubt CX. They made CS-10, CX-20, and CX-30. All 3 of them are extremely affordable.

Other than drones company also builds helicopters and other aircraft’s that are remotely controlled.

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Syma Logo

The Syma Company is also based in China, Guangdong. What makes Syma different than other drone toy grade companies is the number of products they have released. Syma already released more than 20 different type of drones.

They also produce helicopters. And they already released 7 various types of helicopters.

A number of products they released put them on the list of one of the companies with most experience in the building of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Kespry Logo

Kespry company is not building drones for public customers. They are mainly focused on their system that can get valuable data from the sky.

They have one type of drone which has decent flying abilities, and everyone can use it. The drone is flying autonomously and avoids all obstacles using LiDAR sensors. To use this drone, you just create a mission on an iPad and click launch. Kesrpry will do everything alone and transfer all data to the cloud. In the second’s whole team can get access to crucial data and make important decisions based on them.

Kespry is focused on industry, and I am sure this system can bring your business to the new level.

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Insitu logo

Insitu is based in the USA, and they are mostly focused on military grade drones. The company got in the history books of U.S. Coast Guard by providing a first unmanned aerial vehicle for patrolling the coast.

On the first day ScanEagle already assisted in seizing vast amounts of contraband with valued that exceeds 55 million dollars.

The company proudly serve in solutions to bring more security in defense, government, and commercial industry.

The Insitu drone systems provide valuable information in the industry. If you move products, people produce energy or grow crops Insitu drone system may help your business grow.

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Ehang Logo

Ehang is the company which headquarters are in Guangdong province, and their primary focus is on the drones that are fully controlled with your smartphone.


Ehang Ghostdrone 2.0 is one of the most amazing drones on the market. It has amazing abilities, and it is entirely controlled with your smartphone.

But what makes this company stand out from this list of enterprises is the Ehang 184, first manned drone. This future like air vehicle has a seat and payload of 100 kilograms. This may be a solution to the fast delivery system that many big companies like Amazon seek to find.

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GoPro Logo

GoPro company is widely known for their action cameras that people all over the world use to capture their adventures.

But recently GoPro is trying to step in the drone industry with their GoPro Karma drone. GoPro Karma is an amazing drone with incredible abilities. And it has GoPro Hero 5 camera that will make your videos amazing.

We must say that still, the primary focus of the company is on the action cameras which are widely used on all other drones, but GoPro Karma is a promising drone that looks beautiful and has amazing features to shoot incredible videos.

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Blade logo

Blade is owned by Horizon Hobby LLC from the USA. Blade company builds unmanned aerial vehicles. They made several quadcopters, but also they focus a lot on helicopters.


Most famous Blade quadcopter for beginners is Blade Inductrix. Inductrix is a nano drone that has amazing abilities and flying features and because of that is number one drone for beginners.

Blade Theory XL FVP is their most advanced drone which the primary purpose is to win drone races. It is a BNF drone which means you just bind it together and you are ready to fly.

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Sky Viper

Sky Viper

Sky Viper logo

Sky Viper is owned by Skyrocket Toys LLC which is based in Los Angeles. The company is focused on providing drones for racing, fun and for shooting amazing videos. Basically, they cover all aspects of average drone pilot needs.

Pro Series drones are capable of great flight and shooting incredible videos. Hover racing category provides drones that can win races if you are a decent pilot. And performance series is for every pilot drone. With serious performance, you will have serious fun.

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These are the best drone companies that create drones. Some of them are well-known, and others are not so known but offer something that specific businesses require on the everyday basis. Some of the drone companies are focused on entertainment and offer toy drones that everyone can use and have fun.

If your company is not listed, please contact us and give us more info about your business and your company and we will be more than happy to add you to the list.

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