WL Toys V676 Super Mini Drone Review

WLToys V676 Incredible Nano-sized Quadcopter Drone
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life



  • Lightweight airframe
  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • 6-axis gyro system
  • Integrated LEDs
  • 4 minutes of flight time
  • 20-30 m control distance
  • Stunt flight, 360-degree spin, and 3D flying
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Lightweight
  • LED lights
  • Stunt flying


  • Limited control distance

If you are seeking the small drone for indoors flying or just to have some fast fun flying, then you need to take a look at WL Toys V676. V676 is an affordable model with lots of great features and very stable flying. V676, when compared to the CX-10, has many similarities. But V676 is one of the few nano drones that have a headless mode. The headless mode in these small drones is handy. It is tough to recognize the front and back of the drone on the distance when the drone is only a few inches long. Because of that headless mode is the function that may help you fly the drone on higher distances without problems. But be careful not to go out of range.

Sadly WLToys put a maximum operating range on V676 at only 20 to 30 meters. The problem with that is a poor antenna on the small drone. It is just unable to put a bigger antenna when the whole drone is so small.

Wltoys V676 Incredible

Wltoys V676 Incredible Nano-sized Quadcopter Drone

Cool Features of WLToys V676

Best features of V676 are the remote controller and the headless mode. The remote controller is exact, and it is made of high-quality plastic. The transmitter has simple buttons and commands for flying and doing tricks.

V676 is also capable of doing some tricks like 360° rotation and 3D flying. But to be able to do this trick you need to be experienced drone pilot. New pilots should stick to pure, safe flying.

The drone has 6 axis gyro which makes it stable in almost all situations. But because of its small size, you should not fly this drone at inclement weather. In fact, the primary purpose of this drone is indoor flying. Even lesser winds can throw your drone out of the range, and you can easily lose it. Operating range is very low, around 20 to 30 meters. Because of the small operating range, you need to be careful when flying outdoors.

The flight time of V676 is also not huge, only 4 or 5 minutes. The problem is small battery capacity. You can’t really put the big powerful battery on such a small device that needs to fly.

V676 has beautiful LED lights that are extremely helpful when you are flying a drone at night. With LED lights you won’t even need to use headless mode, you can see the front and back side of the drone by looking at the LED lights.


WLToys V676 is a drone for new pilots. The affordable price is lovely to the people who just want to see how to fly a drone. After you test your love and flying abilities, you can choose if you are a drone pilot or this skill is not for you.

V676 is also the right choice for kids. Kids will sure have lots of fun playing with V676. The small size of the drone somehow guarantees that there will be no big damage if something goes wrong. But still, be careful at battery charging and it is best that you do the battery charging and kids only do drone flying.

V676 also made the list of best nano drones on the market as well as being mentioned in the article about best drones for kids.

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