Rare WLToys V323 Skywalker Drone Review

WLToys V323 Skywalker
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easienest
  • Design
  • Battery Life


WLToys V323 Skywalker is a rare drone with six propellers. Usually, drones have 4 propellers but this model is using six. You will need to decide on your own if that is an advantage or disadvantage.


  • Good as Toy For Kids
  • Very Light Drone – In Most Countries, You Won’t Need Drone Flying License Because of Light Drone Weight
  • Affordable Price
  • Very Good Drone For New Pilots or Pilots that Want to get Their Skills at the New Level
  • Durable Material
  • Beautiful Design


  • Comes Without Camera
  • Mount For Camera is Without Gimbal Which Means You Can’t, Attach Pro Cameras like GoPro

We already reviewed several drones from WLToys company, and in general, these drones are fantastic toys with which you can learn how to fly drones or buy them as gifts for your kids. Some of the drones from WLToys company are more affordable than others. Models we reviewed so far are V303 Seeker and V262 Cyclone. So far V303 is the best WLToys model that we reviewed. Let see if V323 Skywalker can take pole position. The difference between V303, V262, and V323 is that the first two models are quadcopters, and V323 is a hexacopter. And that is a huge difference if you look at the way you fly these drones. Let’s go and check what Skywalker V323 Hexacopter can offer.

WLToys V323 Drone

WLToys V323 Hexacopter Drone

Hexacopter V323 Skywalker Drone Features

Operating range of V323 is not big, like most of the toy drones it has a smaller operating range comparing it to professional drones. The range is limited to 150 meters, but that is more than enough to learn all your tricks with this drone. The good thing is that the maximum flight time of this toy drone for kids is 10 minutes. That extra few minutes on this model can make a difference. You can have more fun.

This drone design is not standard if you compare it to quadcopters, but if you look at hexacopters than this little height design is somehow standard. It is a UFO look-alike drone, and when you turn on LED lights, you can really get a visual effect of UFO on the sky.

Propellers are well protected with a circle that goes all around them and the circle is made from durable ABS plastic which will make sure you don’t destroy propellers. And not only propellers are durable, but the whole drone is also extremely durable and even if you crash you will not destroy it. Thanks to his little weight and durable plastic this drone can last forever.

Skywalker is not a small drone. It is a medium-sized drone with 810 millimeters wingspans. The weight of the drone is really small, its weight is less than 10 grams. Knowing that you should be really careful when flying on bad weather, high winds can throw your drone out of range and then you may lose it for good.

Skywalker Flight Features

  • Altitude Hold
  • Hovering Mode
  • Return to Home Key
  • Headless Mode

As you see drone have very few advanced flying features, but that is standard at toy drones. Toy drones are here to have fun or to learn how to fly a drone.

The drone comes without a camera, but you can use an external camera. The camera is attached to a drone with the dual clip system. That means that there is no gimbal and you can not mount a GoPro camera on this drone. But keep in mind that the primary purpose of this drone is not taking videos or pictures. The main purpose of this drone is to have fun flying. Because of that even if you mount some camera you will not get best quality pictures. If you are looking for a drone to take beautiful photos or videos, I suggest looking elsewhere.

Maximum battery capacity is 1600mAh. Behind this powerful battery lays the reason why this drone can fly up to 10 minutes (some people even claim they got 12 minutes of flight time).

Skywalker V323 is an amazing drone for having fun. It is an affordable drone, and even if you manage to destroy all that durable plastic that was used to build this magnificent drone you won’t spend much money on repair or even if you completely destroy it, you can easily get a new one without significant problems. Most people use this drone as learn to fly device, but many parents also buy this drone for their kids. Since this drone is hexacopter and is not fast, it is ideal as a toy drone for kids to have some fun flying UFO look-alike drone over their neighborhood.

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