Practical Quadcopter – WLToys V303 Seeker Review

WLToys V303 Headless Seeker Quadrocopter
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easienest
  • Design
  • Battery Life


WLToys V303 is toy grade drone ideal for children to start playing with flying machines. The sooner you start piloting drones the faster you will get needed skills.


  • Lots of amazing flight features
  • Big size for a big camera
  • Flight time that can be extended by replacing batteries
  • Design is in a range of the DJI drones
  • Control range of the drone is more than enough and is secured with 5.8 GHz transmission
  • Replaceable 2700mAh


  • Not Affordable Drone
  • The camera is not included int he package

We have reviewed many WLToys drone models because the company is the leading drone toys manufacturer. They created many drones for different clients. WLToys drones can be extremely affordable or very expensive. WLToys V303 is the model that is expensive, but it is on a line if this drone is really a toy. Because of great features, we could call it a real drone.

WLToys V303 Seeker Quadcopter

WLToys V303 Seeker Quadcopter with Automatic Landing

WLToys V303 Review

WLToys V303 has a nickname seeker. Not sure what they wanted to say with that nickname because WLToys is not really a fast drone. Maybe they wanted to say that you can attach external cameras to the camera gimbal and with that expensive external camera you can seek whatever you want on the ground.

15 minutes of flight time will give you nice long videos of the area you wish to film. Operating range makes sure you can get nice birds eye pictures. Seeker is not a small drone, it is over 30 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide. Because of this big size, he has 779 grams which put him in the average size drones. And when a drone has a weight that can do enormous damage if it crashes and you will need a driving license in the countries that have UAV laws.

2700mAh battery is high enough, but probably because of the weight and size of the drone, you will only get 15 minutes of the flight time. Don’t get me wrong, 15 minutes for a toy drone is amazing, but professional drones all go above 20 minutes of flight time. Payload capacity is probably significant since you can mount a bigger camera on the gimbal. The battery is replaceable and if you have several of them with you, 15 minutes of flight time can easily become 1 hour of flight time by simply replacing batteries.

Remote Controler is big, and you have lots of options on the controller as well as a small display to monitor what is going on with a drone. 5.8 GHz Transmission is a standard nowadays in remote controllers. This high frequency will make sure nothing interferes with the control of the drone.

One of the exciting features of this drone is automatic landing. Usually, professional drones have an automatic landing, but WLToys V303 is packed with this feature. You will not have problems landing this drone with an expensive camera. That is probably the main reason for this

Flying Features

  • Headless Mode – With this feature drone position isn’t matter since drone can go in any direction and there is no back or forward position.
  • Return to Home – With one key button, you can easily get your drone back to the safe area if you have some troubles controlling it.
  • Automatic Landing – Very good feature if you mount some expensive camera on the Seeker, you don’t want to destroy your professional camera by poor landing.
  • Hovering Mode – Many drones have this mode since it is a fundamental mode for taking steady pictures or videos.
  • Altitude Hold – With altitude hold you can set up altitude and drone will fly only at that altitude so that you can make beautiful photos or videos on the same altitude level.
  • GPS Compatible – With a GPS you can trace your drone if it gets lost.
  • LED Lights – Lights are very useful when flying at night.


With so many features and some of them only seen on professional drones, WLToys V303 Seeker is surely not a toy drone. You can use an external camera of your choice, and the big size of the drone will make sure your pictures and videos are filmed in a steady way. V303 Seeker is created for hobbyist and recreational pilots that want to have some fun flying a drone but at the same time to shoot some beautiful pictures or videos. But if you like you can use this drone for filmography and check famous places, I am sure V303 Seeker will be very helpful for this mission.

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