WLToys V262 Cyclone UFO for Sharping Skills

WLToys V262 Cyclone UFO
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easienest
  • Design
  • Battery Life


WLToys makes small drones mostly used by children. These drones are the ideal toy for kids.


  • Durable material
  • Propellers protection build in drone
  • Strong battery capacity
  • Attractive UFO-like design
  • Decent flight time
  • Affordable price


  • No camera
  • No mount for the camera
  • Lightweight makes it hard to operate in the windy weather

V262 is remarkable drone made by WLToys company. WLtoys is a company that is specialized in manufacturing toys for kids and adults. They produce remote-controlled racing cars, helicopters, quadcopters, and other remote-controlled toys.

V262 Cyclone UFO is beginner friendly drone because it has built-in propeller protection. This protection will make sure you don’t destroy it too fast. The drone also has many cool features and is made of high-quality material.

V262 Drone

WLToys V262 Cyclone UFO Drone

Cyclone UFO Features

  • Ready to Fly Drone – Unpack it from the box, and you are ready to fly
  • Altitude Hold – This feature helps beginners stay at the same altitude
  • Position Hold – Hovering is easily done with this drone
  • 4 Channel 2.4Ghz Transmission – Will make sure nothing interferes with the drone
  • 6 AXIS Gyro System- Will make sure drone stays on course even when high winds hit it

Flight Capability of WLToys V262 Cyclone UFO

With flight aid features this drone is not hard to navigate. If you get hit by winds or just lose control because of going out of control range, you won’t destroy it. Build in propellers protection is securing your propellers and I am sure they can survive some nasty crashes. High-quality plastic guarantees durability.

This drone is meant for all pilots of different skill level. The drone is without a camera, and you can’t even mount it. The primary purpose of V262 is having fun flying it or for beginners to learn how not to crash a drone. Imagine how bad would it be if you are a beginner and get an expensive drone with the camera and then crash it because of poor flying. That is the main reason why new pilots should first learn flying on toy drones without a camera. But V262 Cyclone UFO is not only meant for beginners to learn flying but also experts can make they flying skill sharp. The drone is extremely agile, and you can do many tricks and flips. You can use buttons, or you can enter a trick mode and perform all tricks by yourself. The agility of the drone is boosted by strong, durable motors and very light material. The drone only has 219 grams which may be a problem in windy weather, so I suggest new pilots not to try to get their first flight test in the windy weather because high winds can take your drone and you may never find it.

The drone can operate at night because of LED lights. Cyclone UFO can be real UFO in the sky. Just set up your ground camera and fly your drone on 150 Meters high and that tiny dot in the sky will look like UFO, and even when UFO experts try to debunk your video or photo, it would be hard for them. But if you want to make some exciting UFO videos I suggest flying it at night. With LED lights on, at night V262 Cyclone UFO will look like real UFO.

Operating Range of V262 UFO is 150 meters which are more than enough, and you will hardly get out of the range. Flight time is 10 minutes. You can get up to 10 minutes in the air, that is enough of flight time for beginner pilots.

Battery capacity in V262 is significant, 850mAh. This powerful battery makes sure you stay in the air as long as possible.

The design of the drone is attractive. The drone is not small, but it is very light. The design of the drone is thick, like some big pancake. Probably because of this pancake look it got the name Cyclone UFO.


V262 price is affordable, and with this drone, you will learn all flying skills you will need later on if you plan to use professional drones or some drones with an expensive camera. But even experts can sharpen their skills and bring them to the next level. I suggest this drone for everyone, even for kids that just want to have some fun taking those UFO YouTube videos. Please comment if you have V262 Cyclone UFO and what do you think about it.

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