Whale Family Filmed with Drone

Eric Sterman made one of the most amazing videos of all time with a drone. He filmed whales around the Hawaii coast. He was shooting this video for only three days. We may say he was a lucky guy that he bumps onto this great whale family. The exact location of the video is North Shore of Oahu.

In the video, you can see all kind of whales and their movement. The video is simply astonishing. These big animals will soon be extinct thanks to pollution, the meat industry and radiation leakages like the latest one in Fukushima. Sadly our descendants will not be able to see these amazing animals with their own eyes. But thanks to drones, brave drone pilots and internet this footage will be recorded forever, and our descendants will be able to see this animal in action.

Eric Sterman used DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero 3+ camera. I am not 100% sure he used Phantom 2 because footage looks really good and the drone is flying more like a Phantom 3 advanced version.

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