Drone Video of the Month Archive

Maui – Touristic Place – Hawaii Island

 Maui is one of the Hawaiian islands. Like on all Hawaiian islands The Maui island also has a tropical climate and

Xian 1374 Drones – Guinness World Record

China is the leader in drone industry without a doubt. Not a single country comes close to China when considering the commercial

Aleppo – Destroyed Syrian City

For April, I decided to go with a slightly political video. It is about the Syrian town Aleppo. Aleppo was a city

Holuhraun Eruption – Iceland – By Drone

Amazing videos can be filmed with a drone we all know that. But to film something like this and something that is

London New Year 2018 Firework by Drone

Definitely, we need to include the happy new year 2018 drone video for a January. Every new year in January we will

Halloween Drone Prank With Flying Witch

Scaring people and pranking them was always fun. With modern technology and by using drones your pranks can be realistic as it

Hawaii From The Sky By 4K Camera

One of the most professionally done videos with a drone comes from Hawaii. Sawyer Hartman used his DJI Phantom 4 that is

Apple Park Filmed With Phantom 3 Pro

Apple Park was opened in April 2017 as a new Apple Inc. Headquarters. Location of this new headquarters is in California. News

Auschwitz From the Air Filmed by a Drone

BBC News published an amazing and scary video of Auschwitz that is shot entirely by a drone from the air. Auschwitz was

Chernobyl Nuclear Facility Filmed by Drone

Danny Cooke filmed this haunting video of Chernobyl nuclear facility and the ghost town of Pripyat. Pripyat had 50 000 citizens; now