UDI U27 Quadcopter – Kids Love It

UDI Free Loop U27 Quadcopter
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easienest
  • Design
  • Battery Life


UDI U27 is an affordable drone that can be an ideal gift for a kid. It is an ideal beginner friendly drone.


  • Extremely agile and fast
  • Good for beginners that want to learn some drone flying skills
  • Nice Design
  • Interesting Flight Features
  • Average Flight Time
  • Affordable Drone


  • Unable to mount the camera and because of that unable to take any pictures.
  • Because of lightweight, it may cause some serious problems when flying under bad weather.

UDI has created many different types of drones. Drones for photography, drones for heavy lifting and drones for having fun. UDI U27 falls in the group of drones for fun. With this amazing little drone, you can really have some fun. The drone is extremely agile and fast. As well this drone has some extreme flying modes. And when you see the price for UDI U27 you will find that this is probably the best buy drone for new pilots that want to learn how to fly and mediocre pilots who want to do acrobats and get advanced skills at drone piloting.

UDI U27 Drone

UDI U27 Free Loop Quadcopter

UDI U27 Flight Features

  • Inverted Flight Mode – Inverted mode will allow you to fly a drone upside down. 180 flips were never so easy to do.
  • Full 3D Mode – 3D will enable you to invert in any position, left, right, forward, backward.
  • Headless Mode with IOC System – IOC system is the Intelligent Orientational Control system, this system is perfect for beginners because it will reduce the steepness of the learning curve.
  • 6 Axis Gyro Stability – You can switch between 3 flying modes. The expert mode that will give you high speed and 3D control for performing various tricks and for fastest flying. Medium Mode is for mediocre pilots that want to feel some speed but still stay on the safe side. Beginners mode comes with maximum stability that will make sure you don’t crash the drone.
  • Altitude Hold – You can set up altitude and drone will fly at that altitude.

With so many features UDI U27 is good for beginners, but with expert mode, even expert pilots can have some serious fun by performing 3D tricks and flips.

Drone Specifications

Drone weight is only 54 grams which are extremely small if you compare with other drones. With so little weight you need to be careful on the stormy wheater because if the wind blows, I am afraid you may lose your drone.

Maximum flight time for this small drone is 7 minutes. That is enough flying time, but since it is so light at the weight, I was expecting more flight time.

Operating range of the drone is just 40 meters. The reason for this is probably because this drone is not meant to take photos or go on high altitudes, the primary purpose of the drone is having fun in performing various flying tricks. And all that is possible to be done in 40 meters range. UDI U27 remote control frequency is 2.4 GHz which will make sure nothing interferes when you fly the drone. The remote controller has well designed easy to use joysticks and buttons.

The battery of the drone is powerful, 450mAh for such a light drone. Battery weight is 14 grams and comparing this to the total weight we see that battery is almost 1/4 of the drone’s weight.

UDI U27 has a nickname Free Loop, and that nickname just means you will be making those loops easy like a pro. The nickname alone guarantees you are having some serious fun flying the UDI U27.

Propellers are durable, and motors are reliable. Maybe that is the reason why UDI U27 stays only 7 minutes in the air. But with strong motors, you are able to perform various tricks. Propellers are well protected with propellers protectors.

UDI U27 also has LED lights which you can sue at night flying. With LED lights turned on you can easily navigate the drone even in the darkest hours.


UDI U27 is not meant for photography or some serious drone flying. UDI U27 is bought to have fun with it and learn the drone flying skills. You can’t mount the camera on the drone, and that means you can’t take a single picture of it. UDI U27 is best for kids that want to learn how to fly a drone or just want to have some kids fun. And because of small weight, there can be no serious damage inflicted to the drone or to the objects near by if you suddenly crash the drone.

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