4 Things You Must Know About Drones for Kids

Drones for kids are popular because you can start teaching your kid of a technology that will be most probably crucial in the future. The kid will have fun and trough the play learn some basic facts about drone flying. Drone piloting will soon be a profession everyone will be looking. Amazon and big retail stores are knocking on the doors with drone delivery. And this drones will require pilots. In other words, lots of pilots will soon be required by these stores.

What kind of drone is best for kids?
Drones for kids need to have some features and things that will assist and help a child to fly the drone without trouble.

Things a Drone for Kids need to Have:

Simple to Fly Drone with Adjustable Sensitivity

The remote controller needs to be as simple as possible. It requires having only important buttons. All the extra buttons will just distract a young pilot and will just prolong his skill training.

Adjustable sensitivity is also important. The child needs to learn at the lowest possible speed. But kids learn fast, and soon they will want a challenge with a drone that is faster. Still not at the top piloting skill it is not a good move to buy a new drone. Instead of that, you should require a drone that has several speed adjustments. Speed for beginners, mediocre pilots and speed for experts.

Gyro Stabilization and Flight Assistant Features

6 gyro axis stabilization is must have at drones for kids. This feature will make sure the drone stays as stable as possible in the air. Not only will this help a young pilot to fly at his best, but also will prevent crashes.

Flight Assistant features are also crucial. Return home key can fast get a drone from a dangerous zone and land it near you. Auto hovering is another compelling feature that will make drone stay on the air without you needing to do anything. Altitude hold will make sure drone don’t lose altitude and crash.

All these fancy features will teach your kid to avoid dangerous flying and keeping the drone in one piece.

Drone Pilot

Drone Pilot Remote Control

Cheap Spare Parts and Propeller Guards

Crashes will happen, drones will be destroyed. That why it is important to get a drone for kids that are having cheap spare parts which you can easily buy online and replace.

Propeller guards is a cool addition to the drone and will for sure protect propellers. Propellers can easily be damaged even at small crashes.

High-Quality Drone for Affordable Price

The thing is to look for a high-quality, durable drone for a reasonable price. The market is full of drones, and you can choose the right one without a problem. Look for drones without a camera because the camera is most probably the most expensive part on the drone. Look for smaller drones that are manufactured in China. I know China does not have the best quality reputation, but for kids, these cheap drones are more than good. And China is growing every day; their technology is getting more advanced than any other country.

List of Best Drones for Kids
SKEYE Pico Drone
Syma X5C
Blade Inductrix
JJRC H36 Mini Drone
Holy Stone HS170
WLToys V676
Cheerwing CHEER X1

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