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Worlds Best Drone Companies

There so many companies that are making drones and new companies pop out every day. The drone industry is the future. There

Holy Stone X400C – Affordable FPV Drone

Holy Stone X400C is a quadcopter, which means it has 4 rotors. Drones with 4 rotors are agiler than hexacopters, but also

Courageous Aerial Birds Eye Capture of Cape Town

Cape Town is a second most populated city in South Africa, just after Johannesburg. Because of many attractions, Cape Town attracts many

Potensic F183D The Chaser Quadcopter Drone Review

Potensic is a company from China, from a Shenzen city near Hong Kong. The company is specialized in selling high-end electronic products.

Rare WLToys V323 Skywalker Drone Review

We already reviewed several drones from WLToys company, and in general, these drones are fantastic toys with which you can learn how

Syma X12 – Perfect Nano Drone for Beginners

Syma X12 is a highly affordable drone. Everyone can afford this drone, in fact, every new drone pilot I suggest to get

Best Drones With Longest Flight Time

A most important feature of all drones is flight time. People just want to get more flight time from their drones. Average

Fascinating JJRC H8D – FPV Quadcopter

When you read JJRC, that means quality. There is no difference when we talk about JJRC H8D. JJRC H8D is a drone

Dangerous Flying High Over Nepal

Nepal is one of those places that many tourists want to visit. Now, here in this video produced by Petter Nilssen, you

UDI U27 Quadcopter – Kids Love It

UDI has created many different types of drones. Drones for photography, drones for heavy lifting and drones for having fun. UDI U27