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Drocon U31W – Drone for Beginners

Drocon is focused mainly on new drone pilots. The primary focus is on pilots that have zero experience and just want to

Drocon X708W – Beginners Drone

It is hard to choose a starting drone, and if you pick a very expensive drone with lots of features and abilities,

Decadent Xiaomi Mi 4K Drone to Fight DJI Phantom

Xiaomi is a well known Chinese company that is delivering high tech devices at an affordable price. In the world of mobile

Best Drones With Return Home Feature 2019

Drones started as simple helicopters where you can only navigate the drone with the joystick. Some of the functions are important, and

Adorable JJRC H36 – Mini Drone

We have reviewed many small drones so far. We even created a list with best nano drones. Even doh JJRC H36 is

Brilliant Syma X5C-1 – Affordable Syma Drone for Beginners

Syma X5C-1 Explorers is one of the most popular drones for kids. This Syma drone is extremely affordable and even has a

DJI Spark – New DJI Drone for Everyone

DJI Spark is a new DJI drone model. It is more affordable than other drones from DJI company. The goal was to

JJRC H20 – Nano Hexacopter Drone with CF Mode and One Key Return

Drones are getting immensely popular among buyers. Not only because they are a cool gadget to hang out with, but also helps

Uses and Benefits of Drones in Agriculture

Unmanned aerial vehicles also known as drones have been used in various areas since 1980. Today, however, practical uses of drones are