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Best Drones Under 500 Dollars in 2018

When buying a drone, you need to go through the process of thinking. You need to think about various things, about specifications,

Hawaii From The Sky By 4K Camera

One of the most professionally done videos with a drone comes from Hawaii. Sawyer Hartman used his DJI Phantom 4 that is

Apple Park Filmed With Phantom 3 Pro

Apple Park was opened in April 2017 as a new Apple Inc. Headquarters. Location of this new headquarters is in California. News

Whale Family Filmed with Drone

Eric Sterman made one of the most amazing videos of all time with a drone. He filmed whales around the Hawaii coast.

Barn Poultry Farm Filmed From the Air

Another interesting use for a drone. Drones can be utilized to film poultry farms which then can be easier to sell. Potential

A Beautifully Refreshing Perspective On Real Estate with a Drone

This week we go with a slightly different video. Drones are getting used in real estate business for various purposes. In this

Amazing Dubrovnik From the Air

We have moved to middle east Europe, to Croatia. One of the most beautiful cities all over the world is Dubrovnik. And

Courageous Video of St. Louis Gateway Arch from the Sky

Dannydaw59 is the user who created an amazing video of St. Louis Gateway Arch. Gateway Arch is the monument dedicated to the

How to Learn Flying with Drone Simulator

So far I was recommending for new pilots to get cheap toy grade drones to learn basic drone navigation. Unless you are

Epic Drone Videos Amazing Compilation

Year ago Epic Drone Videos published an amazing video filmed by a drone. This video is a compilation of most amazing drone