Gorgeous Syma X8W – Quadcopter with WiFi Camera

Syma X8W Quadcopter
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  • Remote Control Easienest
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Don’t expect miracle flying with Syma X8W because this is a low budget drone. but for such a low budget you are getting a flying machine that will serve you good as well as teach you few of the drone flying tricks.


  • Great Drone for Novice Flyers
  • Good Looking Drone for a Good Price
  • Decent in Size
  • Long Lasting Battery Life and Good Flying Angle


  • Defective Motor When Used for an Extended Period of Time
  • Cannot be Easily Operated Without Practice

The Syma X8W quadcopter is an affordable entry-level drone that boasts of an Intelligent Orientation Control function. This feature means that the drone will allow any pilot to enjoy the flight and slowly learning each particular orientation that comes with it. The X8W is jam-packed with top-notch features that may not be ordinarily found on other drones. It does not matter whether you are a hobbyist or want to adopt an A-grade drone into your business routine, this one will simply get the job done. It proves that technology has come a long way in the shortest time. The Syma X8W originates from a reputable company that is renowned for manufacturing the best-field-tested drones.

Syma X8W

Syma X8W Quadcopter Drone

Syma X8W Key Features

The Syma X8W is well-equipped with features that make it a unique quadcopter. These include:

  • Wifi Camera

With a wifi antenna sticking out from the rear of the 2MP X8W Camera, the drone instantly sets up its own unguarded wifi hotspot in a period of 20 seconds. This feature enables the pilot to realize aerial photography and real-time transmission of images with their smartphone. There are not many drones that boast of such technology.

  • 6 Axis Gyro Flight Control System

The combination of a significant number of flight control systems, a 3D lock and a dependable scheduled flight time of 11 minutes makes the X8W a truly exceptional drone, especially because most drones have a flight time of 10 minutes or less.

  • 360-degree Turnaround

For a continuous roll and a fantastic performance, the Syma drone boasts of a 360-degree turnaround. This turnaround enables the drone to fly long distances and make turns without any limitations.

  • Colorful Flashlights

These flashlights make the drone fun to play with both in the indoors and outdoors, whether in broad daylight or during the night.

  • Blade Protector

The drone is highly elastic and comes with a plastic protective circle. Blade Protectors prevent the blades in flight from wearing out quickly and enhancing the anti-fall performance.

The Syma X8W also comes with safety features and regulations that enable the pilot to be able to fly it within a reasonable range. In comparison to other drones, this one has many advantages.

  • Great Drone for Novice Flyers

The X8W drone comes with easy control handles and many well-written instructions for anyone who wants to transition into larger quadcopter or aerial photography. As it is also easy to operate after a little practice, there won’t be any challenges with first-time flights. It comes highly recommended.

  • Good Looking Drone for a Good Price

Syma is a company that is known for the manufacture of amazing drones, and this one is no exception. Not only is the Syma X8W a drone with a sturdy build and great features, but it also comes at an affordable price.

  • Decent in Size

While many drones may be quite small, this one arrives in a decently large size that makes flying as well as handling it a pleasant experience.

  • Long Lasting Battery Life and Good Flying Angle

This drone is known to have a battery life that lasts up to 14 minutes. This is more than enough time for a pilot to enjoy flying it around. For a large drone, it is amazing that it can lean over at a 45 angle.

  • Defective Motor When Used for an Extended Period of Time

Just like anything else, drones deserve good resting time. Therefore, when used continuously for long periods of time, the motor could be defective, but even so, this can be easily fixed.

  • Cannot be Easily Operated Without Practice

The Syma X8W drone may be a great drone for beginners, but it requires a fair amount of practice to learn how to use it well. Watching user videos and reading the instruction manual will help in polishing any pilot’s skills.


Syma X8W is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the use of quadcopters. It inherits great strengths such as its highly stable flight behavior, sturdy build quality and decent flight times. Pilots can never go wrong with this model. It represents an excellent entry-level quad that comes with a ridiculous price tag. For its size, it also boasts of some fast action! It comprises some necessary features that make any drone outstanding. Needless to say that this drone is a worthwhile purchase. But if you are looking at something that is not too expensive from Syma company, you may get Syma X8G.

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