Syma X12 – Perfect Nano Drone for Beginners

Syma X12 Nano Drone
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easienest
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Syma X12 is nano drone which is best used indoors because outdoors you can lose it pretty fast.


  • Very Good Drone for Beginners and New Pilots
  • Nano Drone with Affordable Price
  • Safe Flying Features
  • Design – Even if Drone is Small, it Looks Cool
  • Good as Gift for the Kids


  • Only 6 Minutes of Flying Time
  • Operating Range of only 100 meters
  • Not Much of a Fancy Flying Features
  • The drone has no Camera and no Mount for it

Syma X12 is a highly affordable drone. Everyone can afford this drone, in fact, every new drone pilot I suggest to get a couple of these drones. They are cheap, and on them, you can easily learn how to fly a drone. And if you crash the drone and destroy it, it will not be a big deal since the whole drone is very cheap.

Syma X12

Syma X12 Nano Drone for kids

Syma X12 Nano Drone

Being affordable drone means that this drone is minuscule. 70 millimeters wide and 45 millimeters height. It is one of the smallest drones on the market. Which means you can fly this drone indoors, but I suggest doing this only if you are an expert and you feel secure and safe when flying Syma X12 outdoors. The problem in indoors flying is that if you crash it into the wall, it will probably get destroyed. And another issue is that you may bump into someone face and that can have grave consequences on the victim. That’s why I suggest to not fool around with drones in a closed room full of people if you are not expert at drone flying. First, learn and master outdoor flying, and only then you may show off to your friends in indoors flying. Indoors flying requires real drone piloting skills and even some experts have problems with indoors flying.

Maximum flight time for this nano drone is just 6 minutes. But you can’t expect much from this low-cost drone. And not only it is an inexpensive drone, but as well it is a microdrone with micro battery and micro motors. Battery capacity is just 100mAh if you ask me this drone could use a stronger battery. There are more powerful cells in smartwatches, but then probably price for X12 would go up.

Flight Features of Syma X12:

  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Hovering Mode

And that’s all from flying features for X12, not much of them and that only means you will need to learn how to pilot this drone without fancy flying features. Not having lots of safety features this drone is ideal to learn how to fly it manually. Being extremely affordable it is not a big deal if you fail and crash. But don’t be afraid that a single crash will destroy this drone. Like I said this is a nano drone and even if you crash it from high altitudes it will not get destroyed because of lightweight.

Operating range for this microdrone is not huge, and that is normal because if you fly him at a high distance, you will not see him, because of his small size. Operating range limit is set at 100 meters. 100 meters is just enough to do all the flying tricks, and with only 6 minutes of flying time, you don’t want your drone fly away too far.

Syma X12 Nano has some features that are good to have on short flying time drones. Low voltage warning is one of these features. Low voltage alarm will warn you when is the time to land your drone and fill up the battery. It will help you avoid some nasty situations and many crushing accidents.

Syma X12 is maybe a small drone, and to some experts, it looks ridiculous to fly such a small drone. But this drone has its purpose. It is a great drone for beginners who want to learn how to fly a drone. It is also perfect for the people who just want to test a feeling how it is to fly a drone. For a few dollars now this feeling is available. On the other hand, this little drone is a great gift for your kids. I am sure every child, boy or a girl would love to have a toy that can fly for 6 minutes, do lots of tricks and operates at a range of 100 meters. Kids would just love all of this.

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