Courageous Video of St. Louis Gateway Arch from the Sky

Dannydaw59 is the user who created an amazing video of St. Louis Gateway Arch. Gateway Arch is the monument dedicated to the American people. Construction of Gateway Arch was finished back in 1965 and cost 13 million dollars. 13 million dollars now in 2017 would be worth around 200 million dollars.
St. Louis is one of the most patriotic cities in the United States. If you visit it as a tourist, you will not regret it. Only Gateway Arch is worth the visit, but the major city in the state of Missouri has many other places to offer.

In the drone video, you can see great footage of Gateway Arch at close range. At some point pilot even lost controls, but thankfully he got the back, and there were no accidents.

Dannydaw59 used DJI Phantom 2 Plus to shoot this video. Unfortunately, there is no music in the background. Hopefully, the editor will change that and add some patriotic music in the background.

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