Unforgettable Sacramento 2017 From the Air

Mamitag Adventure brings us one of the best Sacramento YouTube videos. In the video, you can see Sacramento from the air. You will understand why is Sacramento such a great city. Lots of interesting places and very picturesque city at night.

Chris Mamitag made an excellent video about Sacramento, California. He used DJI Mavic Pro to film Sacramento from the air, for filmed camera shots he used Canon G7X. DJI Mavic Pro is a professional drone, and because of the ultra high-resolution camera on DJI Mavic Pro, the parts of the video filmed from the air are just amazing. We already talk about DJI Mavic Pro in our Best Fishing Drones list, as well as in Best Hunting Drones list. But obviously, we will need to make a list with best camera drones and I am sure DJI Mavic Pro will be on that list.

All Credits of Sacramento 2017 video goes to Mamitag Adventures. And I thank them for allowing us to publish their work on www.fitdrones.com

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