Revolutionary DJI Tello and Ryze Tech Drone

Ryze Tech Tello
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


DJI Tello is one of the drones that are extremely friendly to new drone pilots. If you are looking for a decent high-quality drone for a first-time drone flying then DJI Tello is a good choice for you.


  • Affordable Drone
  • Made from Durable Material
  • Very Enjoyable to Fly
  • Long Flight Time for Such a Small Drone
  • DJI and Intel Quality
  • Ideal for Kids
  • Lots of Safety Protocols


  • The camera position is not really ideal for taking a landscape video. This drone is best usable as selfie drone or taking pictures and videos from a front angle.

DJI and Intel put the brains together and help Ryze Tech to release the new drone which goes by the name Tello. DJI Tello is a small drone whose primary purpose is for the pilots to have fun. In fact, this drone can be used by complete beginners and at the same time will not help you move from that level. But using a DJI Tello will be no problem. Drone is made for people who just want to have fun, record amazing videos, take pictures and enjoy the new technology. Drone pilots that are looking to fly big heavy drones with crazy good cameras will not benefit from this model. Tello is simple to use, and it basically runs on its own. It has many fail safety protocols so destroying it is hard. But let jump into features and see what Tello offers.

Ryzen tech


DJI Tello Features


Tello can be controlled in many ways. For the new pilots, it is highly recommended that you use the remote controller. The remote controller is very good and has fast responsive which will benefit new pilots.

Tello is powered by DJI, and because of that, you can even control the drone with hand gestures, just like DJI Spark is controlled. If you are into programming, you can also program some things for Tello.

Controlling a drone with a smartphone is all that this drone is about. With a smartphone and a drone with good abilities that can be placed in your hand, you can record amazing videos where ever you go. To use a smartphone as a controller, you will need to download the Tello app.

If all the mentioned ways of having fun while flying Tello is not enough, then you can grab a VR headset and fly the drone in first person view. The video transmission quality is 720P which is more than enough to really enjoy the flying.

Safety Protocols

One of the most important safety protocol that Tello has is the DJI Flight Tech which ensures the stability and safety in the air. DJI Flight Tech is without a doubt a leading part of the drone industry, and DJI drones have a good reputation because of it.

Taking off and landing is not a problem with Tello, you can simply throw Tello in the air and drone will start hovering. In case something bad happens in the air, like losing connection to the drone, the failsafe protocol will be turned on, and the drone will land on its own.

Recording Videos and Taking Pictures is Easy

Thanks to the Intel Tello is equipped with the most advanced high-quality image processor. Because of that, it can take incredible videos in various positions. Thanks to the image processor you can now take amazing videos and pictures even if you don’t know how to fly a drone. All you need to do is turn on EZ Shots, and your videos will be on social media collecting likes and clicks in a second.

Taking pictures is also supported by Electronic Image Stabilization which will make sure that your image is smooth and the picture is taken in a stable position.

Tello has a camera that is capable of taking high-resolution pictures, 5 megapixels.


When you look at Tello, you will see many similarities with DJI Spark and other drones that the main purpose is taking selfies. The only thing that may make Tello stand out from the pack is the big propeller protectors.

Have Fun Flying DJI Tello

Tello is all about fun. Thanks to DJI and their advanced technology Tello can stay in the air for 13 minutes. 13 minutes on this budget drone is a miracle. Tell me when did you see a drone under 100 dollars staying in the air for 13 minutes. This is a new drone with new technology, and because of that, it is better than the old model drones, especially if we do a comparison in the same budget drone.

If taking off with throwing the Tello in the air is not enough to stun for you, then you can use 8D flips and see the drone taking amazing acrobatic flights. Already mentioned programming can also be used in this segment, and you can create new patterns by which drone will fly.

All of this funny flying can be done by using the only smartphone and because of that Tello is an ideal choice for new pilots, kids, and adults that are not looking to become professional drone pilots.

Ryzen Tech drone

Ryze Tech Tello


DJI Tello is one of the most amazing drones released in 2018. Thanks to the collaboration between DJI and Intel we can now enjoy amazing drone at an extremely affordable price. Long flight time is one of the features we need to thank DJI and the navigation, video recording is a gift from Intel. All I can say well done Ryze Tech and thank you for releasing such amazing drone at such a low cost. I can highly recommend this drone to any beginner, kid or even adult who is just looking to record amazing and funny videos from the air. I am sure Tello will serve you good.

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