Potensic F183D The Chaser Quadcopter Drone Review

Potensic F183D Chaser
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easienest
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Potensic F183D Chaser is a toy grade drone ideal for teenagers who want to fly fast and make stunts in the air. Durable material is ideal since kids love to crash things.


  • Durable Material
  • Light Drone with Extra Batteries, Meaning Extra Fun
  • Kind of Cute and Usable Remote Controller with FPV LCD Screen
  • Quadcopter with Amazing Design


  • Small Flying Time
  • Low Operating Range
  • Quality of the Camera is Not Good

Potensic is a company from China, from a Shenzen city near Hong Kong. The company is specialized in selling high-end electronic products. Potensic not only sells drones, but they also sell other equipment as well. They sell iPhone screen protectors and other stuff related to mobile phones. Other interesting gadgets they sell are endoscopes. They sell simple endoscopes that are attached to cell phone, and you can watch real time inspections on the mobile phone.

Let focus on their leading sales, drones. Potensic manufactured many various drones models. Their most expensive drone model is F183DH and most affordable is the L15WH model. But in this article, we will focus on the Potensic F183D. Potensic F183D is not amongst most affordable Potensic drones, but it comes with nice extra features.

Potensic F183D

Potensic F183D Chaser Quadcopter Drone

Potensic F183D Features

  • Durable Drone With Propeller Protectors

F183D is extremely durable drone created with high-quality plastic. F183D will not destroy easily. Even if you repeatedly crash it because of bad flying skills or because of heavy weather, Potensic will keep on flying. Propeller protectors will make sure nothing happens to the propellers or the engine. The only thing that can crash easily are propeller protectors, but you can replace those very fast.

  • F183D Outlook

The design of F183D is mean. F183D is quadcopter with a nickname chaser. And the whole picture of the drone is in this tone. F183D really looks like a drone that will chase those villains down. But does this drone have the ability to chase anything?

We will answer this question later on. But let remind us self about another chaser drone that we reviewed in our section about best drones under 200 dollars, Holy Stone F181 Chaser. Now you are probably asking yourself who is the better chaser from these two drones And my answer would be none. These are toy drones with a maximum flight time of up to 10 minutes. Operating range around 100 meters. Now tell me who would they chase As soon as they start chasing you will need to replace the battery because your 10 minutes are up. Or even if you chase for 10 minutes you will probably need to turn back because of the short operating range. So, no, I would not call these drones chasers, maybe they look like a mean chasing drone that will hunt other flying objects, but it all stays on the looks.

  • What is Chaser if it is not Chaser

F183D is not having some crazy flying abilities. Because of that, it is not a drone to race or chase anyone. But with this cool and useful looking drone, you can do many things. You can shoot videos and take pictures because drones have a built-in camera. As well everything you record is stored on your Micro SD which you can then later on easy transfer on your computer.

Maybe the camera is not the best quality camera in the world, but it will give you high definition video with the maximum resolution of 720P. And not only you will get HD video, but you can also watch what drone sees in real time view. The remote controller has LCD that is large enough to be able to fly a drone in first view mode. The camera also has 2 megapixels which mean that your pictures will not be of the best quality, but you can take them and use this built-in camera to train yourself to take pictures or videos from different angles. Then, later on, you can use these learned skills on some better drones like DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

So chaser is not the chaser, but it is fun having toy drone. You can do many things with this affordable drone, but there are limitations like flying time of 10 minutes and an operating range of around 100 meters.

Potensic F183D only has 2 extra flying modes, altitude hold, and hovering. Hovering is must have to take videos in a steady mode without the interference of wind.

The battery capacity of F183D is only 500mAh, but the good thing is that this little battery is replaceable. You can buy several batteries and have extra fun. And the even better thing is that these batteries are cheap. And this is one of the main advantages of Potensic F183D, replaceable battery. In other words, you are no longer limited to 10 minutes of flying. You can really have 1-hour flying experience if you buy six extra batteries.

  • Tips and Tricks to Fly F183D Chaser

If you use extra batteries, I honestly suggest you to cool down your motors. Just check them with your finger if they are hot, if they are hot, wait for them to cool down. You really don’t want to burn them. And there is a high chance you will burn them if you fly too much without resting them.

Before flying check your battery levels, you need to have your batteries at maximum. The remote control battery also needs to be fully charged, or your drone will act weird. Also, make sure propellers are installed correctly or you will think your drone is going crazy and not listening to your remote control commands.

To get an extra flying time you can take the camera down. Without an extra payload, the drone will fly longer and faster.

Potensic F183D Quadcopter

Potensic F183D Quadcopter Drone

F183D Chaser is maybe not made for professional drone pilots who want to take the drone on high altitudes and take those amazing bird eye pictures or videos. But F183D is made for kids and new pilots who want to test their piloting skills or people who just want to have some fun flying a drone around the block. The drone is affordable and easy to operate. The durability of the material somehow guarantees you that you will not destroy it on the first crash.

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