Parrot ANAFI – Foldable Premium Drone

Parrot ANAFI
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Parrot ANAFI is definitely a fresh drone with many features on the market. A well-needed competitor to the DJI. Technology can only go further if there is a healthy competition going on.


  • Extremely Light
  • Flying at High Speed
  • Decent Operating Range
  • Foldable and Mobile
  • Lots of Fancy Options
  • Decent Safety Protocols
  • Extremely Good Camera


  • The remote controller is perfect, but some old school pilots would love to have more buttons on the controller and will have difficulties using a smartphone to choose options.

Many drone enthusiasts where thinking that the Parrot company will leave the drone market and focus on something else. Reason for that is that they didn’t release a new drone model for a year and there were no signs that they will release one. The best-known drone model was Bebop, but from now on I am sure everyone will talk about Parrot ANAFI as the best model.

ANAFI is just a drone that we needed, a drone that follows a trend, have all the advanced technology, and above everything, it is not expensive. The drone is foldable which means that you can compare it with the best foldable drone on the market DJI Mavic Pro.

Parrot ANAFI Specifications and Features


Parrot ANAFI Drone

ANAFI is a premium drone capable of operating range of up to 4 kilometers. It can go as fast as 33mph. Battery capacity is not that high, only 2700mAh, but with that battery, ANAFI can stay in the air for up to 25 minutes which is very close to the DJI drone models. The battery is chargeable through a USB connection which is very useful in many situations. If you know you will need to use a drone for more than 25 minutes you can easily take power bank with you and charge the drone in the places that don’t have electricity. Also if you lose the original charger, you can easily buy a new one at the IT shop.

Amazing ANAFI Camera

The main reason why someone should buy this drone is the camera. The camera on ANAFI is excellent. It can record videos at 4K UHD resolution at stable 30FPS. If you decide to record in 1080P resolution, then you will be able to record action movies from the air at a solid 60FPS. 60FPS is more than enough to record most of the action events where objects move at a rapid speed.

Another interesting point about the camera on Parrot ANAFI is the zoom. We recently reviewed the new DJI Mavic model which is capable of zooming, but not many drones have this option. ANAFI can zoom up to 3 times which put this drone to be one hell of a spying machine.

The camera is placed on the 3 axis gimbal which gives you a decent stabilization when you record videos. But the most exciting fact about ANAFI’s gimbal is the ability to record videos of what is happening above the drone. This unique way of recording allows you to place drone below something and record the object from a whole new perspective. This particular mode of video recording is handy when you need to inspect something that is in the air but films it from the bottom angle. For example, recording a building that is high in the sky. You can fly to the let’s say 20th floor and record from that position all the way to the 100th floor. Huge and special buildings like the ones in Kuala Lumpur would provide amazing videos with this drone and its unique way of recording.

Kuala Lumpur

Towers Malaysia City Kuala Lumpur Building Twin

Foldable Design

Foldable design is nothing new, and many recently released drones are actually foldable. Foldable drone design is a new trend, and all manufacturers are following it. Parrot ANAFI foldable design is also unique because when you fold the drone, it looks like a short stick. Such a short stick can easily be carried in hand.

The frame of ANAFI is made from ultra-light carbon frame which only weighs 320 grams. Because of such light properties, this drone is capable of flying at a really fast speed.

Premium Controller

ANAFI is delivered with a special premium controller which will be extremely useful for safe flying. On the controller there are not many buttons, so you won’t accidentally click something that you don’t want. For all the options you will use Parrot application which will help you decide which flying mode to use and all other drone features you wish to turn on or off.

If something goes wrong during the flight, the Parrot Skycontroller 4 will make remote controller vibrate and put your attention at where is required. The drone also has standard safety protocols as well as some fancy features that most premium drones have. Features like SmartRTH, find my drone function and geofence


Remote Controller

Flying Modes

Parrot ANAFI is coming with a decent flying features. You can use several flying modes like dolly zoom, dronie, follow me mode and orbit. Each of the modes can be used in specific situations, and I am sure it will help you in making amazing videos.


Parrot ANAFI is really what we need on the market, a decent drone that can compete with the best. If you look at the price and the drone quality as well as the features and options and compare ANAFI with one of the best drones DJI Mavic Pro, then you can come to the conclusion that ANAFI is not far away. Many pilots will choose Parrot ANAFI over DJI Mavic Pro only because of the price, and that is no mistake.

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