Parrot ANAFI Drone in the Action

Recently we reviewed Parrot ANAFI and just like in the review this new age drone is interesting and a decent competitor to the most popular DJI drones. In this video, you can see various shots from the air but also from the land and you can see ANAFI flying in the air.

Gary Backus a man behind the drone wheel is responsible for this amazing video. You can witness different areas of the United States of America through the ANAFI eyes. My favorite shoots are the ones from the air in the desert and above the forest. I love nature and these scenes are done amazingly. Gary Backus also did amazing indoor recordings which prove that ANAFI can be used at best indoors as well as outdoors.

Parrot ANAFI is the drone that can really compete with the best drones on the market. DJI drones finally have some serious competition.

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