Northwest Passage by Arctic Watch

Nansen Weber is the creator of this amazing video filmed with a drone. Area filming is Northwest Passage, a hidden place in Canada.

Who would think that these amazing landscapes are hidden somewhere in the North American hemisphere? That so many beluga whales and polar bears are all living in such a fantasy world like it is not a real world, but a world from a book. Thanks to the crew of Arctic Watch we have the opportunity to record and see last pieces of intact nature.

The video is made by Nansen Weber, and video editor is Sacha Roy. And special thanks goes to Valeria Vergara for recording beluga whales underwater.

Arctic Watch used DJI Inspire One for making this video. As always DJI drones are in action. DJI Inspire One is a professional drone made from carbon fiber. And thanks to DJI Inspire One amazing camera resolution of 4k UHD we can enjoy in this video at maximum video resolution.

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