Inexpensive MJX X101 Quadcopter Drone with Headless Mode

MJX X101 Quadcopter Drone
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MJX X101 is an affordable drone that has powers to record with professional GoPro cameras. With a GoPro camera, X101 becomes one of the best drones on the market which can make amazing videos


  • It is easy to fly it at night since it glows red and blue
  • Has a very stable flight.
  • It can fly at a relatively fast speed.
  • MJX X101 can quickly go back to the headless mode when out of range.
  • It has a relatively long flight time compared to its primary competitor, the Syma X8G.
  • The drone is powerful and can lift a GoPro.


  • It takes a longer time to charge compared to the Syma X8G.
  • The LED lights cannot be seen during the day, so you need to use a timer to fly it.

The MJX X101 RC quadcopter is a one of a kind drone made in China. It is an X-series drone with a 6-axis Gyroscope. Despite its high-end features, it is a relatively cheap drone. It has a very stylish design and is slightly larger than the Syma X8G, its main competitor. Here are some of the features that make the MJX X101 RC quadcopter live up to its name.

MJX X101 RC Quadcopter

MJX X101 RC Quadcopter with FPV Real-Time Camera

Drone Appearance

The MJX X101 RC drone has a night-time LED system that lights up the white body of the drone when you turn the drone on. The body of the drone either glows red or blue giving a stunning look when flying and enables visibility when flying at night. It has a base length of 50.5cm and a height of 18 cm. It weighs 420g and has four rotors. The drone`s rotors and body material are made of plastic.

MJX X101 Flight System

This drone has one of the best flight systems among its competitors. MJX X101 can switch to a headless mode where the drone automatically heads back to the pilot by pressing the one key return button. This feature comes in handy especially when the drone goes out of sight. Similarly, if the pilot of the drone loses orientation, the headless mode will enable the drone to ignore the drone`s direction and to respond to the transmitter inputs. This feature is also known as the one key return function or the one-touch revert to the home system.

When flying, the drone can do 3D flips and rolls when the drone is 3m or higher from the ground and has a flight time of ten minutes. It takes about two and a half hours to charge fully. The frequency range of the drone`s remote control is 100m. It is wind-resistant meaning it is not easily pushed away by the wind. Additionally, the drone has a comfortable and stable feel when flying because of the 6-axis gyro sensor installed and can fly both indoors and outdoors.

The 2.4GHZ frequency of the remote control is a high-frequency meaning when flying the quadcopter; the pilot won’t get any interference. Similarly, when flying the drone in a field with other drones of the same type, the controls do not get impeded. The controller uses AA batteries with a voltage of 6V.

For beginners, there is a throttle mode with a limit knob scale from 0% to 100% to aid the pilot to fly the quadcopter. Beginners can change the sensitivity of the throttle knob to suit their needs. It has four play modes: the left/right control switch mode and the leftward/rightward control button.

X101 Camera System

The drone has a 1.0MP 720p HD FPV Real-Time C4008 camera that lets the pilot see what the drone sees. The camera is compatible with 3D VR headsets. However, the headsets do not come in the MJX X101 drone package. The real-time footage shot by the camera is shown through the MJX FPV application. The minimum requirements for the operating system that can run the application on androids are Android 2.3 and for Apple products is IOS 5.1.

Drone Packaging

The MJX X101 comes in a white box with the drones picture on the box`s cover. Inside the box, there is the drone with a C4008 HD camera, the user manual, a 2.4GHZ remote control, 12 micros-crews, the battery charger, a screwdriver, 2 landing skids, 4 protecting frames, 8 main blades and a 2 cell 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po battery. The user manual has configuration instructions of the quadcopter which are easy to understand.

Remember, it is possible for the MJX X101 drone to use different cameras. This feature is possible because it is easy to mount or remove the camera from the drone. However, this will affect flight time depending on the weight of the camera. Besides being a camera quadcopter, it is a fun gadget to have. It is recommended for people over the age of fourteen.

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