MJX Bugs 6 – Racing Drone

MJX Bugs 6
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


MJX 6 Bugs is an interesting drone that can be fun to fly. If you are looking for racing drone or just to fly around the block with the absolute speed then MJX 6 Bugs is what you need.


  • Affordable Drone for Drone Racing
  • Suitable for New Drone Pilots That Want to Become a Drone Racer
  • High Definition Camera of 720P Will Give You Smooth and Crystal Clear First Person View
  • Flight Time of 12 Minutes is More Than Enough To Win Races


  • Not for People That Wish to Record Videos or Take Pictures

Bugs 6 is a mean racing drone built for beginners. Top speed of MJX Bugs 6 is 50 km/h. It is a highly fast drone and, people who wish to race or have fun flying at tops speeds now can do that at an affordable price.

To make the experience even better, Bugs 6 offers the first-person view in real time. You can watch where the drone is flying on your LCD screen, smartphone or you can even use virtual reality goggles.

MJX company sells 4.3-inch screen which you can use with your remote controller or MJX virtual reality goggles. MJX screen can be used with other MJX models, you can even use it on MJX X101, one of the most popular MJX drones.

Bugs 6

MJX Bugs 6 Fast Racing Drone

Amazing MJX Bugs 6 Features

Racing Motors

MJX Bugs 6 is mainly focused on racing, because of that it has a powerful 1600KV brushless motor which allows the drone to fly at high speeds.

First Person View and High-Quality 720P Camera

5.8G first-person view transmission will help you to stay on course even if your drone is far away from you. You can use first person view for up to 300 meters. If you bought MJX Bugs 6 without LCD screen or goggles, you could order them separately, and they will work with your Bugs 6 drone.

High definition camera with 720P resolution will make sure your image is clear and smooth. The camera lens has 6 pieces of glass to provide you with the best quality picture.

Strong Battery

1300mAh Li-polymer battery is strong enough to make you win the races without needing to change the battery. MJX Bugs 6 can stay up to 12 minutes in the air, and that is enough to beat the competition.

To fully charge the battery you will need to take 300 minutes. In other words, it is wise to buy extra batteries because once 12 minutes of flight time is over it is time to go home unless you have charged an additional battery with you.

Great Remote Control Performance

The remote controller is easy to use. It has two joysticks and several buttons which do various things. Most important functions of MJX Bugs 6 drone areĀ weak signal alert and low battery alert. Both of these functions are important at drone racing. The weak signal alert will make sure you stay on course and not crash the drone. And low battery alert will inform you of time to change the battery.

There is also a button that switches between low-speed and high-speed mode. For beginners, it is highly recommendable to fly several hours under the low-speed mode. This drone is extremely fast, and you just need to learn to fly it by using a low-speed mode.

For show off, there is a button for 3D flip and rolls. Also if you wish to take a picture, you can easily do that by pressing a button on the remote controller.

The drone also has latest 6 axis flight control system which makes sure that drone is stable in all conditions. LED lights on the drone allow flying in the night. Believe it or not, but you can actually use this drone indoors. Flying indoors is not recommended for beginners, especially not in high-speed mode. If you are new to drone, first use it in low-speed mode and outdoors. With time you will get better, and maybe someday you will fly indoors at full speed without accidents.

Bugs 6

Remote Controller for MJX Bugs 6

MJX Bugs 6 is a racing drone which will give you amazing experience at high speed. This drone is not for people who wish to record fancy videos. It is not for an average population that is looking to film some videos or take some pictures. This primary drone purpose is racing. If you wish to have fun with drone racing or you want to become drone racer, then Bugs 6 is a proper drone for you. Bugs 6 is an affordable racing drone with tops speed of 50km/h. But don’t worry, there is a low-speed mode which will help beginners to learn how to navigate MJX Bugs 6.

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