Adorable JJRC H36 – Mini Drone

  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


If you are looking for a drone that has a reasonable price then JJRC models are perfect for you. JJRC H36 has many features that will help you fly even if you are a beginner pilot.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with prop protection that helps protect the blades
  • Can rotate freely according to your instructions
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with creatively designed LED light for night flights
  • Wind resistant


  • Problems with the remote control

We have reviewed many small drones so far. We even created a list with best nano drones. Even doh JJRC H36 is not on the list because it is not that small drone. Size of the JJRC H36 is 9.5 x 9.5 x 5cm/3.74 x 3.74 x 1.96 inches and weighs around 22.5 grams.


JJRC H36 Mini Drone

JJRC H36 Features

H36 is a drone with many functions. It has some fancy things like 3D Roll button. With 3D Roll button you will look like a professional drone pilot, yet you only need to press a single button.

Strong stability and feature that allows safe 360º is a six axes gyro stability system. On windy weather, six-axis gyroscope will help you to keep your drone in a stable position and safe zone.

Headless mode is one of the fancy things that JJRC H36 poses. With headless mode, you can fly in any direction. This function is handy at high altitudes where you will not see what a back or front of the drone is. H36 is mini-drone, and even at low altitudes, you will have a hard time seeing the back or front of the drone.

Led lights will help you navigate the drone at night. It has a red light on the rear and blue on the front. And with this LED lights you will easily see the front and back side of the drone.

JJRC H36 is Fit For Beginners

This drone is a fantastic choice for beginners. It is an affordable drone built with durable material. Propellers are protected by default, and they will not break easily. Navigating with H36 is not hard. It has many fancy features which will help you with navigation. The remote controller is a huge advantage for beginners because it is small, simple, easy to understand and you will not get confused. The remote controller looks like a PlayStation joystick.

On the remote controller, you have a button for low or high speed. Which is another great option for beginners who wish to start at low speed and as they learn they switch to high-speed mode. Bellow the throttle joystick are buttons for one key return and headless mode. One key return button is handy for new pilots. If something goes wrong, you just press this button and drone will return to you.

Battery capacity is just 150mAh which is normal for such a small drone. But this minuscule battery will give you from 5 – 7 minutes of flight time. Control range is also small, only 30 meters. The good thing is that the battery is charged fast, and you will need only around 30 minutes to charge it fully.


JJRC H36 is a reasonable drone that made our list of best drones under 50 dollars. It is one of the most perfect drones for new pilots because of its affordable price and fancy newbie features. Drone is easy to fly and even on high winds drone will be stable and follow your lead.

Unfortunately, JJRC H36 Mini Drone lacks the camera, and there is no way for this drone to carry one. For new pilots that are just learning to fly this is an advantage. But as soon as you have learned everything and wish to go out and take some amazing photos or videos you will need to go out and look for a drone with the camera.

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