Lumberton N.C. – Catastrophic Flooding Catch by Drone

Catastrophic Hurricane Florence creates severe flooding in Lumberton N.C. Five rivers will break the records since 1999 and 2016 when Floyd and Matthew happen. These scenario is forecasting significant floodings in the area. Rivers are rising so high that they are becoming a threat to overtop the bridges.

River flooding is extremely dangerous, and people need to stay alert because more water may come down the line. In the drone footage from Washington Post Youtube Channel, we can see that Lumberton N.C. is under water. Many buildings are not accessible because of the water on the street. People are evacuated, and I hope everyone will be okay. Damaged property can be repaired later, saving lives is most important. Drones can be used as a tool for finding people that are trapped in the houses or even in the water.

Using drones in journalism is nothing new, and in this video, you can see that this kind of video will be impossible to make without a drone. Thanks to drones we now can see the damage done to the Lumberton N.C.

I am not sure what type of drone is used in making the video, but it is possible that they used DJI Inspire, DJI Mavic Pro or even DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

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