How to Learn Flying with Drone Simulator

So far I was recommending for new pilots to get cheap toy grade drones to learn basic drone navigation. Unless you are a talented pilot, you will crash the first time you take your drone for a ride. And to tell you the truth the same thing may happen in your second and third fly. And if you are a clumsy pilot then you should get a drone simulator software and learn your skills in a simulator.

Advantages of Drone Simulator

  • You will not destroy your first drone
  • You will save money by not needing to buy damaged spare parts
  • You can learn drone flying skills faster because you are not limited by drone flight time
  • You can also learn advanced flying features without risking to crash your drone
  • You can learn camera filming skills faster on drone simulator

How To Use Drone Simulator

First, you need to see if drone simulator supports your remote drone controller. If it is, then you are on a good path to having a positive drone simulator experience. Another thing you should look is a USB connectivity, if your remote controller has a USB cable and is capable of being connected to a personal computer, then that means your personal computer will recognize your remote controller, and you will not need to download any additional drivers or software.

After you check all the technical issues, you are ready to get drone simulator software. There are many different types of drone simulators. Some of them are for big drones; some are for small drones. Some are built for getting your flying skills, and some are made for getting your drone filming skills to a higher level. So keep that in mind when you are searching for drone simulator software.

List of Drone Simulators

FPV Event – Drone Simulator

Professional Drone Simulation

FPV Event Drone Racing Simulation

FPV Event is for people who want to learn advanced flying techniques. Pilots who are looking to be drone racers. FPV Event is the most expensive drone simulator on this list, but for that money, it provides race tracks, different types of drones and each of them with different characteristics. The software is compatible with your RC Transmitter, so you will have a real feel when flying the drone.

Not only you will be able to fly a drone trough most popular racing tracks, but you will also compete in virtual leaderboard competition and watch how your name climbs the rankings.

Get FPV Event

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator

Racing Simulation

VelociDrone Racing Simulation

Just like FPV Event, this FPV simulator is made for drone racers. The program has many maps on which you can race and climb the leaderboard. You can add friends and even chat with them over the microphone. The social aspect is introduced into software because this simulator has a multiplayer mode.

Get VelociDrone

Lift Off – Steam Drone Racing Game

Drone Simulation

Lift Off – Steam Drone Simulation Game

Like the title says, this one is a game, but with RC Transmitter you can learn many drone racing skills and compete in the drone racing league over the steam. The game is focusing on all drone pilots. From veterans with high skills to new pilots who never have flown a drone before. The software uses real drone physics, and that will help you a lot if you decide to fly a real drone someday. You can get Lift Off from steam.

Get Lift Off

FPV FreeRider Simulator

FPV FreeRider

FPV FreeRider Drone Simulation

This game has a LOS flying mode. LOS (line of sight) mode is crucial for people who would like to fly drones without first-person view or take a drone to distance that don’t allow first-person view.

Game developers suggest using USB controller because if your personal computer recognizes the remote controller, then the game will recognize it as well.

Get FPV FreeRider

HotProps Free Drone Simulator

Drone Simulation

Hot Props Drone Simulation

HotProps is free drone simulator for everyone and is at the moment in open beta. Open beta means you can download it for free and use it without limitations, but the software is not yet built until the end. It requires some debugging and fixing some bugs.

HotProps also has a multiplayer, and you can fly your drone with your friend.

Get Hot Props

The DRL Racing Simulator

Drone Racing Simulator

The DRL Simulator

Drone racing league simulator is a free tool that can help you become faster drone racer. DRL also offers leaderboard and the more you fly, the better you get and will climb the leaderboard.

Get DRL Racing Simulator

DJI GO Free Simulator


DJI GO Drone Simulator

DJI offers a free app to all their customers who bought Mavic, Phantom, inspire or Osmo. DJI Go app has many features from storing all the videos that you recorded with your drone to a flight simulator. The flight simulator is maybe not the best, but it will help you get some basic skills at flying a drone.



The flight simulator is must have software for everyone who never used drone before, and they own some expensive, high-quality drone that they don’t wish to destroy.

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