Kimon Quadcopter with 4K HD Camera

Kimon Quadcopter
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Kimon is a specialized drone for taking selfies. The drone comes with many safety protocols and video recording features. Even a 14-year-old kid can record amazing videos with a Kimon.


  • Great Camera Capable of 4K Resolution and Detailed Pictures
  • Lots of Safety Features
  • Lots of Recording Features
  • Modern Futuristic Design
  • Ability to be Controlled with a Mobile Phone
  • Simple to Use, Usable by a 14-Year-Old Kids


  • Price is Maybe too High For a Selfie Drone

Kimon is made in China. It is made by “Keyshare Information Technology,” a department that is working in the high-tech sector for many years. The company produces various unmanned aerial vehicles.

Kimon is a new technology drone capable of many things. It has lots of features, and the specifications of this fantastic drone will leave you speechless. The drone has a modern design, and it is unique on the market by the appearance, you can’t go wrong when you see it. The manufacturer uses high-quality plastic and metal for the frame and other parts of the drone.


Kimon – White model

Kimon Features

Amazing Camera
Kimon has Sony camera built in. The camera has 16 Megapixels and is capable of 4K resolution at 25 frames per second. If you need more frames per second, you can lower the resolution to Full HD (1080P) and then you will have 60FPS which are enough for everything you wish to film. The camera and the drone are ideal for taking selfies. You can even use it for indoor selfies. It also has follow me option where drone follows you and records all your movements. Another exciting option for taking selfies is 360? follow me mode. The drone will circle above you and make the recording of you in a 360? movement around you.

Control Kimon with Smartphone
You can control this drone with an application. It even has an option to use somatosensory and virtual stick operation which means you don’t need to push buttons but instead you need to move the mobile phone in your hand, and the drone will act.

Safety Features
The drone has auto take off. You just click the button and drone will lift up and make sure nothing nasty happens at the takeoff. Another attractive option that may save your budget is auto return when out of control. If the drone gets out of control and you just lose the connection with it, then this feature will take the drone in a safe zone and make sure nothing dangerous is happening.

Modern design is what makes this drone standout of the pack. Drone is made in a way that you can fold it and make it even smaller. So small drone you can put in a little backpack and travel with it a long distance, on foot or by the vehicle. The company delivers this drone in various colors; you can pick it in orange, blue, pink or green color.


Kimon Foldable Design

Kimon Specifications

It has 500 grams which are for such a small drone enough, and the reason for this weight is the camera. But if you have a high-quality camera then you must have mass too.

The battery is durable enough to keep this drone up in the air around 12 minutes. Battery capacity is 2000mAh and probably because of massive, but high-quality camera the battery is not the strongest possible.

Control distance of Kimon quadcopter is around 100 meters, so make sure you don’t get out of range, but even if you do, there is a safety protocol that will return the drone in the safe zone.


Kimon just got released, and people already see potential in this drone. Selfie drones are getting popular, and manufacturers just listen to the customers. Kimon will compete with the DJI Spark for the piece of the cake on the market and for now I don’t see which one will be more popular. Kimon has excellent features and probably better camera while Spark has the power in specifications, it has higher flying time, and it is much faster than the Kimon.

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