Frenzy JJRC H26D Quadcopter Drone with Camera Wide Angle

JJRC H26D Quadcopter Drone
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easienest
  • Design
  • Battery Life


The affordable price makes this drone extremely attractive to new pilots. Even if you do destroy this robust drone you will learn how to fly a drone.


  • This drone is a great flyer
  • It has a beautiful design
  • The control range is good
  • Its maintenance is easy
  • The drone comes with 120 degrees of FOV.
  • Costs less than $100


  • It is a noisy machine
  • Limited storage with no microSD card capabilities
  • Short flight time of only between 6 to 7 minutes

The JJRC H26D is one of the most promising drones that was released on the market in 2016. This quadcopter has the best drone camera and is very affordable. JJRC is one of the most trusted drone companies having earned its trust because of its reliable products. The company has perfected its art of manufacturing powerful drones at an affordable cost.

JJRC H26D Quadcopter Drone

JJRC H26D Headless Mode Quadcopter Drone

JJRC H26D Features:

120º Camera Wide Angle
This feature is the most dominant feature of this product. Most drones come with a camera of between 0.3 MP to 2 MP resolution. This drone comes with a 3 MP camera having a field of view of 120 degrees. The quality of the images and videos taken by this drone is good.

The two-axis Gimbals gives the camera capabilities to tilt in different directions. By pressing the RC controller button, the pilot can get images and videos recorded at various angles. You can now take recordings of your family and friends while having fun with its amazing flight.

300 Meter Range
This drone comes with an impressive control distance. The range is 300 meters which is much higher than most quadcopters that come with a range of between 80 to 150 meters. This control range will allow you to enjoy your flight to a distance significant enough to lose the sight of the ground. There are included features that can assist beginners to regain their eyesight even at these distances. One of these function is the 360 degrees rolling aerial stunt.

360º Aerial Stunt
The night experience for this drone has been significantly improved with the LED lights. This drone also comes with a headless mode, and hence it can turn much easier and in a more logical manner for the beginners. The one key return is another powerful feature which ensures the drone will come back to its pilot once it gets past the angle of view. The one key feature is ideal especially considering its large range capabilities. You don’t want the drone to fly away and never come back to you.

1200 mAh Battery
JJRC H26D is powered by a 1200 mAh, 7.4 Volt battery. This battery can power the drone for up to 7 minutes of flight. It is generally the ideal battery for this drone considering its size. A stronger battery could easily overheat the motors and hence mess up the operation of the drone. This flight time is still good enough considering the great camera discussed above. You will get enough images and videos within such a flight period. The accompanying USB charger makes the charging process easier as you can plug the drone into your computer and get it charging.

6 Axis Gyroscope
The gyro is a great feature that enables the JJRC H26D to sense angular velocity. The vibration sensors for the 6 axis assist in the detection of the angular velocity during flight. It generally detects motion to provide stability and direction during the drone’s flight. The earlier versions used to come with a three-axis gyro. The 6-axis has significantly increased the stability of this drone. To calibrate gyros, you need to be in the expert mode and then push the sticks in the lower left position.

The standard chassis of this drone now incorporates an LCD screen. Two functions coming with the shoulder shields are upward and backward movements. The left button can trigger both the camera and photo depending on the context they are pressed. Pressing front, for instance, triggers the camera. You can also select one of the three-speed modes.

The JJRC H26D drone is a 100 percent brand new drone made from a plastic material. It has a white color and a 6 axis gyro feature making it stand out among other quad-copter drones. Other exciting features include the one key return, a camera of 3 MP, a 1200 mAh battery and a camera angle of 120º for the field of view. It is ideal for both the adults and the teenagers above 14 years. Its dimensions are 18.1 by 17.9 by 8.0 with a propeller size of 8.0 inches. It also takes you only 125 minutes to get it fully charged and hence you can plan for several flight trips. If you have spare money I am suggesting to get JJRC H8D, H8D is a much better JJRC version of a quadcopter.

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