Jet Capsule – First Passenger Flying Drone?

The future is at the door. Jet Capsule company is working on a drone that will take two passengers up in the air. The Italian company is the first company that has a new concept for an identifying flying object. Pierpaolo Lazzarini is the designer who comes out with this idea. He created this amazing drone that has some really interesting features.

Features like flying 120 miles per hour. This speed guarantees you will get fast at your destination. The cockpit of the UFO-like drone is very comfortable as you see in the pictures and can lift up to 2 persons. To enter the capsule passengers will take a lift. The whole drone is created with the use of HI-tech technology.


Jet Capsule Elevator That Lifts Passengers

The interesting thing is that passengers can get to control the drone, so it is actually not a drone but a flying vehicle that is operated from inside. Flying this vehicle will require some skills at piloting, not only piloting drones but also airplanes or even helicopters. At this moment I am not sure how to look at this vehicle. It is not a drone, nor helicopter or airplane.

Safety of the I.F.O. Jet Capsule

Security in the flying vehicles where people are passengers or pilots needs to be at the maximum level. This flying vehicle is just a concept, and at the moment we can not talk about safety problems because I am aware there are many of them. Some concerns may be in too much of payload. We know that drones with electric motors have problems with lifting up the heavy payload. Another issue is with overheating engines. Electric motors know to overheat and how will the cooling work on this flying vehicle is unknown for now.

Another problem is flight time. We are still far from getting electric batteries that are small and durable. We have a technology for long distance traveling by electric car, but that battery will sure not be used in this drone because that battery is massive and the drone will need extra propellers and motor power to lift that heaviness.


Jet Capsule Identified Flying Object

If they manage to fix all the mentioned problems, there is still one main concern, accidents. What will happen with a drone in an accident? One solution is to put large parachutes on the capsule and land passengers safely. But what will happen with motors, engine and other parts of the drone? Will they fall on people’s head? Today we have FAA regulations on drones small like parrots. Imagine what kind of laws would be needed to fly this thing.

Check Jet Capsule I.F.O. on YouTube

Future is near, but I am afraid very far away, and it is heading in the entirely wrong direction. Yes for a drone with passengers, but not with electrical motors and propellers. Technology should seek new ways of flying. It needs to look at anti-gravity engines or how to use planets gravity to fly. Just like real UFO engine works, quiet, lots of power, secure and safe. The overall design of this vehicle is attractive, and it really looks like a UFO, but we will maybe never see this vehicle in the air flying around as airplanes do.

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