How to Improve Your Drone Flying Skills

The sky is filled with new drones every day. The challenge is that the majority of these new drones have new pilots that have never before flown a drone. But how do you get good at flying, making drone flying both fun and safe?

How to Learn Drone Piloting Skills

  • Drone Flying Simulator

Many new pilots start with a drone simulator. We have already written a detailed article about simulators here, and it is a good way for any new drone pilot to start. Even the airplane pilots start with flight simulators.

  • Flying Time

Flying time will help you grow your drone skills. The more flying time you have, the more experienced you usually become. But this method can be costly if you are using expensive drones. The good thing is that you can use nano drones and learn basic flying skills. Nano drones are also cheap, and you can fly them indoors.
But flying a nano drone indoors and top professional drone outdoors is very different and with bigger and more expensive drones comes higher risk.

When you are a new drone pilot, there are lots of situations that you have not yet tried and will need to handle. Situations when the wind blows your drone away or situation when you lose control. Loss of control can be due to operating range, interference or electrical failure. If you have been in this kind of situations before, you will know how to act and what to do. But if you are new to this you could lose your drone – and hopefully, it will not injure someone on the ground.

In other words, drone pilots need to be good at flying and practice is the way to go!

But if you want to become a great drone pilot, what tools are out there to help you with just that?
One of the answers is MAKKER! MAKKER is new drone gear soon to launch on Kickstarter!

Drone Skills

Flying a Drone with Pro Skills

With their own words, “MAKKER It is an interactive physical drone track that gives you direct audiovisual feedback when you fly over a set of markers.”

MAKKER on YouTube:

  • How MAKKER Works?

MAKKER is simple technology that uses a tag, three marks, and an app. You place a tag on your drone and the marks to define a track. You decide how challenging the track should be and what skills you want to practice. You can practice various flying skills from steady hovering to flying as close as possible to the marks. In both situations, you will get feedback from the tag and the MAKKER app, and you will know how well you did.

  • Who Can Use MAKKER?

Every drone pilot that cares about their flying skill and love a challenge can benefit from MAKKER. Professionals can get valuable feedback on their flying skills, and with repetition, they can improve their abilities. For example, hovering over the particular spot is an important skill for professional drone pilots, and with MAKKER they will get the feedback needed for improvement. Judging horizontal distance is also very difficult but will be simple with MAKKER. Judging distance also makes flying close to buildings and getting the impressive shot a walk in the park.

Drone racers who need to go fast and close to obstacles can increase their skills and precision, and by getting better, they will improve their overall race times. MAKKER can also be used to record lap times, so you and your friends can get some race going!

Whatever path you choose or whatever drone interest you have, MAKKER looks to be a great tool for all drone pilots.

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