How to Extend Drone Battery Life and have More Fun

Like many pilots, you might also be frustrated by your drone’s short battery life. You do not need to worry, and you are not alone as there are many people disappointed with short flight times. Even after trying expensive models, more than 25 minutes of flight time is something we are still looking for. With average flight time for beginner quadcopter being just 7 minutes, it has been not possible to fly a drone successively for more than 25 minutes. Despite these restraints, there are some things you can do to extend drone battery life in your copter. In this article, we will try and discuss some tips and tricks as to how you can extend your drone’s battery life and enjoy a smooth copter flying. The battery is very significant in every gadget and prolonging its life would be a priority.

Now before we go on to discuss the tips and tricks to extend your drone’s battery life, there are some information’s you need to know about your drone’s battery.

Drones generally work on LiPo powered batteries which are a lot better than NiCad battery as they store a large amount of power. So if you are not using a LiPo battery, consider using one.

Use batteries made by the quality manufacturer as these are reliable and are reliable regarding power delivery.

Buy batteries that have a high replacement cost. This is an important aspect to consider as some batteries may cost only 5% of the drone’s value while others might cost as high as 20% of the drone’s cost.

Battery Image

Battery Charging Capacity

Now we shall discuss the tips and tricks as to how you can extend your drone’s battery life.

  • Batteries with higher mAh

Choose a battery with higher mAh as the battery with higher mAh last longer than batteries with lower mAh.

  • Get a lighter and bigger battery

LiPo batteries are now being extensively used as they have light weight and high discharge rates.

  • Try removing the camera

If you do not need aerial photography, then do not use a camera which in turn will increase battery life.

  • Consider changing the size of the propeller

If you are using a camera, you might require a bigger propeller size and hence giving more loads to your battery and thus reducing battery life. Therefore you should try and use the optimum size of the propeller.

  • Try flying without Prop Guards

The Prop Guards are wrapped around your propellers to protect them, which are a double-edged sword and hence increase the weight of your copter, thus imposing more loads on your drone’s battery life. But removing Prop Guards is recommended only when you consider yourself to be an expert behind the controls.

  • Do not overcharge

If you are using a LiPo battery, avoid charging it fully and discharging it completely. This action makes your battery weak, and your battery life will diminish continuously.

  • Do not allow the battery to drain off completely

Each time the drone’s battery drains off completely, its lifespan starts to decrease. Therefore it is recommended not to fly your copter with a battery of less than 20%.

  • Fly in ideal weather conditions

One thing to be kept in mind is not to fly your copter on a windy day as it makes the motor to work a lot harder and hence gimbal has to make more micro adjustments to keep everything safe when the copter is up in the air.

  • Maintain the battery out while traveling

If you are traveling or going out, try to keep the battery separated from the drone’s body as you would not want the battery to leak out even a tiny bit of power. It is also possible that the battery may become damaged if it is in your drone and the drone accidentally turns on. This might lead in your drone getting destroyed and it is also likely that the battery might overheat and cause a fire.
Hence it is advised to carry a LiPo bag and keep your batteries separated in the bag.

  • Do not leave the batteries on charge for long

You should try and charge your battery right before using it but must avoid leaving it on charging for too long. Overcharging is detrimental and can diminish the long-term effectiveness of your drone battery, and if you continue overcharging it, you might have to replace it much earlier than required.


If you keep these tips and tricks about extending your drone’s battery on your mind, you will for sure have a longer flight time and more fun while flying drone.

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