How to Choose Perfect Drone for Yourself

Drones have taken over the world, and I am not talking about military drones. I am talking about the everyday use of drones by ordinary people. People use them for various things. Most of the time people use drones for taking great aerial photos and videos. But there is a community that just loves to fly drones. This community grows every day. People all over the world are competing in drone racing leagues or just fly they cheap toy drones for fun. People of all ages are using drones; kids prefer toy drones while adults prefer drones with a good camera to take beautiful pictures.

JJRC H8D Quadcopter

JJRC H8D Quadcopter Drone

Before You Buy a Drone

Before you get a drone, you need to know some facts. Some drones are easy to fly, and some drones are extremely hard to fly. So if you are new, you should better get a drone that is easy to operate. For example, a drone that is both affordable and easy to operate would be JJRC H8D. JJRC H8D even have a real-time first-person view.

If you are new, better get a drone that is ready to fly. There are also drones that are bind and fly, and these drones don’t come with a remote controller, so you should already have a remote controller for this drone. Other than that there are also drones that are almost ready to fly. Those drones require assembling and are meant for people that love to craft their own drone.

When you get all of those facts mentioned above done, then you are ready to make a decision.

Are You New to Drones World?

No worries, this section will help you choose perfect drone for your needs. First, we need to set drone categories.

  • Filmmakers Drones
  • Drones For Kids
  • New Adult Pilot Drones
  • Drones for Hobbyists
  • Racing Drones

Filmmakers Drones

The title says all. These drones need to have a strong camera and nowadays standard for a good camera is 4K UHD Resolution and above 20 megapixels camera for picture shooting.

These drones are kind of expensive and if you are new to the drones maybe are not the best option for a first drone. But if you have money and you can afford these type of drones then I suggest going with DJI Phantom series. You can get DJI Phantom 3 and make amazing videos, or if you have extra money, you can get DJI Phantom 4 Pro and be a pro.

Drones For Kids

These drones are cheap, usually small nano drones. Flying time of these drones is low, like 5 – 10 minutes which is enough for little kids to have some fun. With drones for kids, you can teach your kids of fundamentals of drone flying and prepare them for the future. Best drones for kids are nano drones, like Blade Inductrix.

New Adult Pilot Drones

If you are an adult and want to start learning how to fly drones, then you should go with an affordable drone without the camera. The camera is not important to learn some basic tricks and tips of drone flying. But there are also drones that are affordable and have some cheap camera which can give you a real-time first person view experience. My suggestion for this category is JJRC H26D, it has a camera and is made of high-quality material.

Drones For Hobbyists

If you have some experience in drone flying and now you wish to bring it to a higher level, then you will need to give a little bit more money and get some DJI drone. I still suggest getting something from DJI Phantom series. You don’t need to get an expensive DJI Phantom 4 Pro, but Phantom 3 will be enough to bring your videos and pictures from the sky to a new level.

Racing Drones

If you are looking to compete at racing leagues, then you will need an agile, fast drone. But before that, you will need to learn how to fly those fast drones. My suggestion is to start with Blade Inductrix. Blade Inductrix is a little fast drone with lots of power. After you outgrow Blade Inductrix, you can go and get some ARF drone and set it up for maximum speed.

Nano Drone Inductrix FPV BNF

Inductrix FPV BNF Nano Drone

In whatever group you fall, choosing a drone is not easy. Many of you would like to try everything, taking beautiful pictures, drone racing and having fun with kids. You can do all of this if you get an expensive drone, but then you are having a good time with your kids while they fly a drone worth of 1000+ dollars. So choose wisely, write everything down and decide which one is best for your needs. Also, nobody holds you to buy more than one drone. For each purpose, you can have a unique drone.

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