Holy Stone X400C – Affordable FPV Drone

Holy Stone X400C
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Holy Stone X400C is an extremely fast drone that in the air shows also extreme agility. Thanks to a high-quality material the enormous speed won’t destroy this drone so fast.


  • Agile Drone With Lots of Features
  • Removable Battery
  • Affordable Price for FPV Drone
  • Very Fast Drone
  • Made from Durable Material


  • Low WiFi Range of only 30 Meters
  • Low Camera Quality with only 2 megapixels and 720P HD video Recording
  • No Led Lights
  • Hard to fly In Night

Holy Stone X400C is a quadcopter, which means it has 4 rotors. Drones with 4 rotors are agiler than hexacopters, but also winds can easily take control over them. The design of X400C is simple, and it looks like most of the MJX drones. In fact, there is not a big difference between Holy Stone X400C and MJX X400 when we look at design and outlook.

X400C is categorized as a toy drone, and that means it is appropriate for the children. Overall the quality of the parts is excellent. Plastic is durable, and the drone has propeller protectors. And that just makes your flying time safe. If you are new to drone piloting, I hardly suggest using propeller protectors.

The drone is suitable for kids over 14 years, but don’t you think that flying this drone is easy. It is not. X400C is hard to navigate because stability may be a problem with bad weather. Another issue with piloting may be agility and speed of the drone. Holy Stone X400C is just too fast, and some novice drone pilots may not be able to control it at full speed.

X400C Drone

Holy Stone X400C Quadcopter Drone

X400C Camera and FPV Flying

The camera on this drone can’t be the best one on the market because the price of the whole drone is affordable. But the 720P resolution is good enough for first-person view flying and taking some decent videos from the sky. But don’t expect some high-quality videos that will make people lose their breath. For that, you will need to buy GoPro or get a more expensive drone with a high-quality camera built in. 2 megapixels camera is a little low camera to make a nice picture. You know that even the cheapest smartphones nowadays have 5 megapixels camera. FPV is a cool feature, and you will have lots of fun flying the drone by watching the little screen on the remote controller. The small screen is actually your smartphone. If you have a big screen smartphone, you will have a larger flying screen. FPV is limited to 30 meters range because drone sends video to your smartphone through WiFi. And WiFi signal is not so strong, that why it is limited to 30 meters range. If you go above 30 meters, make sure you have your drone in the line of sight, or you may lose it because Holy Stone X400C maximum operating range is 100 meters. Look at FPV flying mode as additional fun and stay in WiFi range.

Also make sure you are in the WiFi range for taking videos and photos, because these options are also controlled through WiFi. Actually, you control them through your smartphone and smartphone communicates with drone trough WiFi. That means you need to stay in 30 meters range to take pictures and videos. This limitation is what turns people away who want to make amazing videos with this drone.

Holy Stone X400C Features

Lots of features are packed in this little guy. You would not think that this drone has a 3D flip function and this simple function will make you look like you know what you are doing. The drone also comes with standard features. Features like 6 Axis Gyro Stability which is a standard and most of the drones nowadays have this feature. Same as 2.4G transmission frequency is a standard feature that most drones have. 6 Axis Gyro Stability will make sure your drone stays stable in the air and will prevent some nasty crashes. 2.4G Transmission frequency makes sure you don’t interfere with your drone control signals with other signals and lose control over the drone. Because of this crucial flying features drones, crashes are reduced on minimal. If you are new, don’t get me wrong, you will still crash, but not as hard as these features were not included.

Flying Features:

  • Headless Mode
  • Altitude Hold
  • Return home Feature
  • Stable Flight Mode
  • FPV Flying Mode
  • Throttle Limit

Holy Stone X400C Cool Design

Flying Time and Battery

Flying time of X400C is not much, just 8- 10 minutes depending on what you packed on it. If you strip all additional gadgets, like camera, propeller protectors, and landing pads. If you remove everything, you will get more flying time.

Battery capacity is 750mAh, and that is enough for a decent flying time. But you can replace the battery. You can buy additional batteries and have lots of flight time. In fact, you can have unlimited flight time if you buy unlimited numbers of batteries. But be careful, motors on Holy Stone X400C require cooldown. Make sure you cool them down for 10 minutes or more after each run. Despite having unlimited flight time by changing batteries, X400C did not make our list of drones with longest flight time because motors are those that limit the X400C. Motors need some time over 30 minutes cool down or else they may burn and X400C will never ever again fly the sky.

Also, keep in mind that charging one battery will take up to 70 minutes. In other words, if you go on flying with extra batteries, make sure you have them loaded or else you will need to wait over one hour for your fun.


Holy Stone X400C is a small drone build for new pilots that want to have fun. You can use it for indoor or outdoor flying. It is a toy grade drone which means that even little kids can play with it. But if you are a professional pilot you can as well have some casual fun with this drone. The reason for that is drones agility and fast flying ability. If you are looking for a drone to make great videos and pictures, then please go search and read other drone reviews because this one will not satisfy you. But the camera on X400C is good enough for some amateur photography and some FPV fun. Also, some new pilots may have difficulties flying this drone, because of that I suggest you use throttle limit mode which will reduce the agility and speed of the drone and increase the stability.

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