Wild Holy Stone HS170 – Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone HS170 Predator
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Holy Stone Hs170 is a fantastic drone with amazing features. Flying with HS170 is easy and if something bad happens durability of the drone guarantee that the drone has high chances to survive the crash.


  • Easy to operate thanks to responsive controls
  • Has three different speed suitable for beginners
  • Sturdily built, can withstand countless wrecks
  • Decent battery life


  • Doesn’t have a camera
  • Fragile motor assembly

Holy Stone is a company that makes pretty decent drones for a low price. That is the case with HS170 Predator model. For a couple of dollars, you get a decent drone capable of advanced flying.

HS170 is an ideal present for a kid that is above 14 years or even for older folks who just wish to have some fun with flying drones. It cost is low, and the quality is high. Drone is extremely durable, and even if you crash it on hard objects, there are high chances that drone will survive the crash. And even if it breaks, spare parts are cheap, and you can order them online.

Mini Drone

Holy Stone HS170 predator Mini RC

Holy Stone HS170 Features

HS170 has the same standard features many other drones in the price range have. It has 6 Axis Gyro Stabilization system that makes the drone fly stably. Gyro also prevents crashes and help you navigate the drone.

Control Range is around 30 to 50 meters thanks to the 2.4GHZ technology. Drone uses specific technology adopted for anti-interference. Also if you buy more than one drone, you can pair each of them with their remote controller, and you can race with your friends. You can do that by pairing the first drone, and once it is paired, you pair the second. It is crucial you match them 1 by 1 or else you may get interferences.

Flying time of this drone is not the best, but 6-8 minutes is more than enough for this affordable drone. To fully charge the battery you will need 60 to 80 seconds. But some folks have tried to use a stronger battery. Holy Stone HS170 now comes with one 350Mah Li-Ion Battery, but some people managed to put batteries that have the capacity of 600 mAh. This more powerful battery can significantly increase the flying time for this drone. If you decide to use more batteries on the drone or if you go with a more powerful battery it is highly advisable that you should cool down your drone because if you fly it for a longer time, some parts may get damaged and the drone will cease to operate. Because of that cooling off for 10 minutes is required.

Headless mode is one of the luxurious features of this drone. For so little money you get a drone with a headless mode. Meaning you will not have problems with navigating a drone when it gets too far away from the sight, and you have the trouble of identifying a front and back position.

3D Flips and Rolls are done easily with a press of a button. Now even if you are a beginner, you can act like a pro and maybe make some girls cheer for you.

HS170 Predator has 3 different speed modes. This 3 different speed mode can really help new pilots to learn how to fly a drone and then later use it at full speed having lots of fun. Other drones usually have two speed, slow and fast, but Holy Stone put three speeds in this model.

The drone is made from high-quality, durable plastic that will not break even on hard crashes. Propellers are protected with removable propeller protectors which can also be changed if you break them. Removable propellers are also suitable for experts that wish to strip down some weight of the drone by removing them to get higher flight time.

The drone has LED lights. This lights are colorful and will help you navigate the drone in the dark. You can fly with HS170 indoors or outdoors, but be careful when high winds are in place; you may lose your drone. After all, this is a mini drone weighing less than 300 grams, depending on the battery you use.


Holy Stone HS170 Predator is a very good drone for beginners. Maybe at first, it will seem hard to fly. But with three-speed mode and choosing the slowest speed, you may learn the navigation of this amazing affordable drone. The drone has many fancy features that even some expert pilots may find usable. There is no camera on the drone, and that is one negative aspect, but for this money, you can’t really expect to get a camera. If you need a drone with a camera and you like to buy it from Holy Stone, then I suggest going with the U818A model.

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