Savvy Holy Stone HS160 Shadow Review

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Like all Holy Stone drones HS160 is also made with high-quality durable material. This material guarantees safety for the drone. The camera on this model is not the best but still, you will be able to make some decent videos.


  • Durable and flexible ABS plastic is an excellent material that makes sure nobody gets hurt in case of the accident.
  • Extremely affordable foldable drone
  • Decent flying time
  • Mediocre camera


  • Not usable in stormy weather, in fact even small winds will make you problems flying this drone.

Holy Stone made HS160 model to stay in a race with other big drone companies like DJI and Yuneec. For staying in the race, they needed a foldable drone model. Of course, they are not going to compete with DJI Spark, so they needed to create a foldable drone that is good but way more affordable than DJI Spark. If they succeed in this mission, you will need to read through this Holy Stone HS160 review and decide on your own.


APP Control

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow Features and Performance

Unique Design that Allows Unique Control

Like I already mentioned Shadow has a foldable design which makes it perfect for traveling. You can fold this drone and place it in the pocket. Thanks to the control over the smartphone you don’t need to carry an extra remote controller. All navigation can be done through a mobile phone. Because of such features, this drone is easy to carry and very easy to use in many situations, you just take it out from your pocket, take smartphone in the hands, and you are ready to fly and record videos in no time.


The camera on HS160 is amazing. You won’t be able to record anything in 1080P, but 720P is achievable, and that is more than enough to make some nice videos. After all, this drone is made for beginners and young adults. It is a very good starting drone because it has lots of features and a decent camera. With the camera and mobility of the drone, you will be ready to make amazing videos in any situation.

FPV Navigation

You can enjoy flying the drone by watching the drone video on the smartphone. For this mode, you will need to have a remote controller. The remote controller is not big, and I am sure you can stick it somewhere in the backpack. But to see what drone sees you will need to stay in the Wi-Fi range which is around 30 meters. Controlling the drone is possible on a large range around 50 to 70 meters. Even if you lose video, you can still land the drone because the operating range is bigger than the video transmission range.

3D VR Headset

If you like to see the drone video in virtual reality. With a 3D VR Headset, you can feel what the drone sees. Virtual reality is the future of drone flying and if you are new to the drones, maybe this way you should head.

Flying Performance

With Shadow, you can stay in the air around 7 to 9 minutes depending on the weather and how much battery you are saving with light flying. If the weather is windy and you are always fighting the wind, you will probably stay in the air for 7 minutes, in calm weather a whole 9 minutes are possible. But the good news is that in the package you will get two batteries which double the airtime. After you are done with both cells, you will need to spend around one hour to fully charge them.

HS160 is ideal for beginners if we look at the price and features. But sadly this drone is not easy to fly. It does not have sensors so hovering may be hard for inexperienced pilots. Also on windy weather, this drone is hard to operate. The drone is light, and just a small wind will carry it away. Because of that, I highly recommend flying this drone only on calm weather.

But the good news is mobile navigation. You can use Gravity Sensor Mode and really enjoy the drone navigation by merely moving the smartphone.


Holy Stone HS160 Remote Control

HS160 Shadow is an extremely affordable drone that is recommended to new pilots and kids. For such a low amount of money, you will hardly find a better drone. HS160 has many features that other drones in this range don’t have. Navigation by the mobile phone is the future, and now for just approximately one hundred dollars, you can enjoy it too. If you already bought and used Holy Stone HS160 Shadow, please write in comments; what do you think about this fantastic drone.

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