Holuhraun Eruption – Iceland – By Drone

Amazing videos can be filmed with a drone we all know that. But to film something like this and something that is dangerous not only for a drone but also for the crew on the expedition is just remarkable. Now you can see what is happening in Iceland and how is Vulcano erupting from close up recording. You can see lava and the heat it creates.

Vulcano eruption is one of the most beautiful but also the most dangerous phenomenon on the planet earth.

At least two drones were used to make this amazing video. The crew probably lost few of the drones or maybe not, if they read this, maybe they can give us an answer. By my drone experience, I can say that the drone on the footage is DJI Inspire. DJI Inspire is the drone that is somehow capable of going in such extreme areas and survives.

Thanks to the karolas397 for providing this amazing video.

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