Halloween Drone Prank With Flying Witch

Scaring people and pranking them was always fun. With modern technology and by using drones your pranks can be realistic as it gets. If you see that flying ghost high in the air, what would you do?

Would you run? Or you will know that this is just a prank with a drone. Drones have many usages and pranking others on Halloween night is only one of them. So maybe next year you can make something like our friends from Italy. They really put a lot of effort to create a remarkably scary Witch remotely controlled by a drone. Also, the Witch has a first person view so you can see how your victims react to the prank. If they run, then you scare them more. If your joke gets busted and they don’t get scared, then you can fly away, and no harm is done to you or the drone.

For sure Fanpage.It scared a hell of a lot of people in Italy.

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