Flying Cars or Driving Drones

People are fascinated by flying for centuries. First airplane flights were funny, and many of the attempts to fly a plane were disasters. But today not only we travel with all kind of vehicles, but we are looking to make all cars on the ground to fly. Scientists and car manufacturers are trying to make a flying car, but so far all we can say is that they have failed.

Flying Cars are not User-Friendly

For flying a car, you will still need a pilot license and probably go to piloting school to learn all the laws of aerodynamics and behavior in the air. And not only learning all the things is the problem, but also flying cars are not usable on regular streets. They require wings, and for that, you will need to go to the airport, so you can’t fly away from any point on the earth, you will need to use airports. And if all the cars were flying then we would have massive traffic on airports. In other words, the whole concept of flying cars is a problem and scientists are dropping it.

Terrafugia and AeroMobil are still working on their flying car, and I must say that these cars are history. They are too big for a road and require an airport to lift off. AeroMobil future flying car looks better than Terrafugia flying car and it is more compact for the road, but still will probably need an airport to take off.

Solution to Flying Cars is Driving Drones

Scientists are turning the problem of flying cars around. Instead of making cars able to fly they will make drones able to drive on the road. Drones are good at flying. They have vertical lift-off which means you can take off from any place on the earth. You can just add wheels and engine, and you have a driving drone. But also here is the problem. The payload of drones is not huge, in fact, they can not lift the enormous weight. Four wheels and an engine to run those wheels is at this moment too much for a drone to take off.

But several drone companies are working on their driving drone for an inevitable transition:

Ehang 184

  • Ehang 184 is an autonomous aerial vehicle which can carry passengers. Powered only by electricity is one of the most eco-friendly vehicles on earth. Flying with Ehang 184 is safe. But Ehang 184 is missing wheels, and it is a big question if it will have wheels.

    Picture Credit: Ehang

Kitty Hawk

  • The drone that is navigated by the pilot who seats on it is one of the attractions on the famous beaches. This vehicle can fly and land on water. It can be beneficial in saving people from the water. But in transition on the land, there is still not a clear concept.
    Kitty Hawk Aero

    Picture Credit: Kitty Hawk


  • AirQuadOne is still an idea at this moment but a concept with fantastic ideas. AirQuadOne is being built by Neva company. The Neva promises 30 minutes of flight time and speeds of up to 50 mph. 25 miles range will be more than enough to travel through the busy city at high speed.

    Picture Credit: Neva Aero

Lilium Jet

  • Not yet a car but Lilium Jet is one of the first electrical takeoff and landing jets. Lilium Jet is extremely fast, and you can travel at speeds of 300 Km/h. And the range is incredibly huge, 300km. This vehicle can be used for city traveling.

    Picture Credit: Lilium

Future of Drones

Drones are going to be used in various ways. And one of them is carrying passengers. Not whether they use vertical take-off and landing or put wheels on them is the question for scientists. But in the near future, we will probably dump our cars and use drones to travel.

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