Eachine E56 Affordable Drone with Replaceable Battery

  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Eachine E56 is an affordable drone that has low flight time. But the low flight time is compensated with a replaceable battery. This drone is ideal for beginners that want to take selfies.


  • Foldable
  • Cool Design
  • Affordable Drone
  • Lots of Options
  • Quality Material
  • Replaceable battery


  • Low Flight Time

Pocket drones are popular; everyone knows that. People who are not into filming significant events from the high sky are more interested in pocket selfie drones to film them self doing various things. Pocket drones are easy to transport, you just place them in a backpack or even as the name suggests in the pocket.

On FitDrones.com you can read many reviews about these small drones with high performance and a fantastic camera. However, today we are going to touch one of the not so popular models to a broad audience, the Eachine E56.

Eachine E56 is a small drone that you can without a problem transport in a backpack. The drone is foldable, and Eachine sends it in a box in which is also a remote controller. But let jump and see all the benefits, features, and performances Eachine offers in E56.

Folded Eachine E56

Folded Drone

Eachine E56 Features

Flight Time

Flight time of only 7 minutes is really short if you ask me. In other words, this drone is made for filming short videos and preferably taking pictures because only 7 minutes is not good for anything else.

After your 7 minutes of flying is over, you will need to rest for another 70 minutes to recharge the drone. Now, this sounds unusable to me, and even though this drone has other abilities, only 7 minutes of flying puts it into a toy drone category.

Replaceable Battery

If the flight time of only 7 minutes scares you as it scares me, then a replaceable battery is the answer. You can buy 5 or even more replaceable batteries and enjoy 35+ minutes of flying without a problem. Replaceable battery puts this drone at the top because with a replaceable battery, the only limit is your budget and how many batteries you can afford.

The battery is obviously small since the whole drone is kind of small. 500mAh NiMH is one of the lowest battery capacity on the drone market.

E56 Design

Design of this drone is at the top of its category. A small drone that is foldable and then becomes even smaller is what people who visit unreachable places need.

This drone is 5.7″ long. Width of the drone is only 2.6″ and height is 1.25″. These dimensions are when the drone is folded. And with these dimensions, you know that this drone can fit any small bag. When you unfold the drone, it becomes bigger.

The camera is upfront, which is commonplace for a pocket selfie camera. It means that the pictures are made at the front, and it has some hard times of recording the back of the drone without actually turning the whole drone to back. The drone also has Led lights at front and rear side.

Eachine E56 Camera

The drone is advertised as a pocket selfie drone, and that is the quality of the camera. Since you are taking close up selfies, the camera is not the greatest. Only 720P when the industry has 1080P standard is somehow low if you ask my opinion. 0.3MP for taking pictures is a shame. Today we have smaller mobile phones which can take photos with 20 megapixels and here we are not even talking about 1 megapixel.

I will dare to say that this is almost worthless camera when we are talking about taking pictures. If you are not looking to take many photographs and focus more on video recording, then I can recommend E56, but if you are looking for a drone to take photographs exclusively, then you must skip this product.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is probably the best thing when we are looking at Eachine E56. A one-handed controller that uses in gravity sensor is what makes flying with E56 fun. You can basically do everything with one hand. On the controller, there are buttons for stop and headless mode. A stop will save you from some situations while the headless mode is useful when flying on a high distance and you actually don’t see the front and backside of a drone.


Eachine Bottom E56

Fancy Options

E56 has many fancy options that other drones in this category have and these options are slowly becoming industry standard. Altitude hold is always present in drones that take videos. Return home option is also useful in some situations or when you just want that drone gets back to you without manual navigation. Flips and rolls for fun flying are also available. Overall lots of options and lots of fun.


Eachine E56 is a decent option for a pocket selfie drone. If you want something better with the powerful camera, you will need to put double or maybe even more money on the table. E56 is a drone for people who are on a tight budget and who don’t want to spend a fortune on a drone that is supposed to give them fun and take some family selfie photos. For that purpose, E56 is the best.

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