Epic Drone Videos Amazing Compilation

Year ago Epic Drone Videos published an amazing video filmed by a drone. This video is a compilation of most amazing drone videos shot by them.

This video covers many different types of drone filming. You can see beautiful nature from the sky. There are also humans performing extreme movement arts like wakeboarding or downhill longboarding. There are lots of scenes over the water which we all know can be very dangerous for a drone.

At the end of the video, there is a firework. You must see this firework filmed from the air by a drone.

Drone used in the video is DJI Phantom 3 and maybe some other drones because compilation is created from several other videos which are no longer available on YouTube. But Phantom 3 is more than enough to film this beautiful videos, and probably all of the videos are filmed with Phantom series drones.

All credit goes to Epic Drone Videos.

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