A Beautifully Refreshing Perspective On Real Estate with a Drone

This week we go with a slightly different video. Drones are getting used in real estate business for various purposes. In this video filmed by Aerial Angels, you can see DJI Phantom 4 in action. This property is located in Buford, near Atlanta, USA.

Phantom 4 has a high-quality camera, and you can see that in the video. Drone pilot who is navigating this drone is a real pro as you see that everything is recorded smooth. There is no interference and the camera is steady and clear as it gets.

Businesses like real estate are really blooming with the use of the drone; you will sell a property much easier if you show the buyer whole area. And if you add some quality video from inside the house you will for sure sale your property easier.

DJI Osmo plus films the in-house video, and it is as well shot with a professional hand.

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