Drone Racing League – New Extreme Sport

Drones are the most modern wonder made by the hands of the man in this century. One October night, six youngsters had thought that the best way to hone their aviation skills was to race each other. The six young men gathered in a parking garage and used remote control joysticks to play around with their drones. According to the chief operating officer of the International Drone Racing Association, this was the future, and it will very much be like the X games, motocross, and Red Bull air racing.

Drone Racing League

Drone Racing League

Although drone racing still needs more configuration in the Department of spectator experience. It can be said that it may be a potential sport. The IDRA is still figuring out the rules of the competition. No one exactly knows who will manage, or run the race as the courses are set up in open fields mostly. This, of course, will still be subject to change as the sport is in its experimental stage. Many groups would likely to take the sport into exotic, and more exciting venues like forests, and World Heritage Sites, tying it up with the drones original purpose: travel. At the moment, groups are still pioneering the sport, which mostly needs money.

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The funds had only come in around August from the Drone Racing League who had invested $1 Million which came from the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross

The United States Drone Raising Championship was spearheaded in July at the California State Fair with an inclusion of a $25,000 prize. It is said that the following year, Hawaii will be hosting a world cup for a $100,000 price. The company is looking forward to about 300 pilots from all over the world to take part.

Los Angeles is the mecca of Drone Racing due to a large number of pilots residing there. The IDRA held the first Championship Saturday called California Cup.

At California Cup the qualifying race that took place in San Diego on October, advancements were notable. The racer’s point-of-view was live screened through goggle headsets that were similar to the VR. The drones also broadcast a frequency which can be dialed. Truly, the possibilities of this sport’s advancement are actually boundless despite the fact that some who watch through lower types of goggles had an uncomfortable time in thumbing controls. It was notable that the experience was disorienting and nauseating for some. The advancements were also faced with technological challenges in live video broadcasting at high speed. This proved to be an arduous task when done in tiny cameras. The image produced was grainy, and it was easily disoriented by radio wavelengths.

Still, it can be noted that setbacks are platforms in which many would learn to develop. Soon enough the drone industry will experience rapid growth. The sport is fast advancing, and there may be an opportunity for the game to be included as a school elective. Although the general public is yet to embrace drones as such devices that have flown near wildfires, have created a backlash for the technology. Still, the IDRA believes that the negative connotation will pass and the time of drone racing will come. Drone enthusiasts also believe that over time, drones will be a common hobby among society.

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