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Control Drones with a Power of Mind

Humans are looking for a way to control objects with mind since the sixties. But then people were focused more on controlling

Aftermath Footage – Orange County California

The fantastic but sad video was made by BensbergFilms YouTube channel. It is drone footage of the fire aftermath that happened a

Flying Cars or Driving Drones

People are fascinated by flying for centuries. First airplane flights were funny, and many of the attempts to fly a plane were

New Drone Technology From NASA Will Reduce Accidents

NASA is working on new drone technology that may make drones safer to fly. Drones need to be able to avoid accidents

The Amazing Drones – Hi-Tech That Will Stop Death

Drones evolution is going on as we speak. Drones are entering all spheres of our lives, but now we are at the

Jet Capsule – First Passenger Flying Drone?

The future is at the door. Jet Capsule company is working on a drone that will take two passengers up in the

Huge Brooklyn Drone Business Empire

Not so long ago, the only things that flew in the skies were birds and airplanes. While birds were created with their

Supply Glider Drones to be Developed by US Marines

The US Marine Corps War Fighting Laboratory (MCWL) this month started testing on a drone called the Tactical Air Delivery (TACAD) or

Kratos Takes its First Steps in the Low-Cost Attritable Strike UAS Demonstration Contract

Kratos Defence & Security Solutions Inc. was contracted on July 11, 2016, by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for the LCASD

How United States Police Departments Use Drones

Recently, it became an open secret that police departments in the U.S. are using drones widely in their day-to-day operations. In July