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Drocon X708W
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  • Design
  • Battery Life


Beginner pilots should always look for an affordable drone that they can afford to lose. Drocon models are extremely affordable and because of that recommendable to new pilots.


  • Perfect Drone for Beginners
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Good Looking Drone Made with High-Quality Material
  • Very Good and USeful Remote Controller
  • Drocon APP
  • HD Camera
  • FPV


  • Low flight time if you are flying at high speed and pushing the drone to the limits.

It is hard to choose a starting drone, and if you pick a very expensive drone with lots of features and abilities, you may leave drone piloting business even before you start it. As a new pilot, you need to buy an affordable drone that will not represent a significant loss when you crash it. Accidents are normal, and if you have zero experience at flying drones, then you can expect few crashes on your first couple of flying hours. Because of that get affordable drone, get some practice and then buy a professional drone for video recording or whatever reason you are flying drones.


Drocon X708W Remote Controller

Why is Drocon X708W Best For Beginners

Drocon X708W is an ideal drone for beginners. The price of this drone is exceptionally affordable. I know you can buy other drones for this price as well, but with a Drocon X708W, you will get many fancy features and abilities that will help you become a better and safe pilot.

Drocon X708W is best for new pilots because it is very easy to operate this drone. The drone has a headless mode, and that is a big help for new pilots. If something goes terribly wrong, there is a safe key called “One Key Return.” When you press that crucial drone will automatically on its own return home. This two abilities are very useful to new pilots and will save them from many dangerous situations.

The drone also has training features like choosing high or low speed. This feature is also crucial for new pilots, you can start using the drone on low speed, and with time you can switch to a faster speed. Training and learning the tricks of drone flying step by step can help you become experienced drone pilot without crashes and unwanted expenses.

Drocon X708W Features

Built-In HD Camera

Drocon drone for beginners has a built-in camera which can be cloned through WiFi and you can fly in first person view by watching what drone sees over the mobile phone. You should keep on the mind that the WiFi range is not long and make sure you don’t fly out of range because you will lose the picture. But even if that happens, the drone has a headless mode, and that means you will navigate it home without a problem. If for any reason you can not navigate it home manually there is a return home button which will do it for you.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is user-friendly and has a stand for a mobile phone. This feature is perfect if you are using the first-person view, you can navigate the drone by watching the screen attached to the remote controller. On the remote controller, you can easily choose the speed and use any of the already mentioned functions. Also on the remote controller, there are show off buttons, buttons that will do automatic tricks for you. You can make a 360-degree flip by only pressing one button.

3D Flying with VR Headset

In case you want to test the feel of flying a drone in a 3D environment you can do that by using a virtual reality headset. But for new pilots, I Am not recommending any experiments with 3D VR headset flying nor flying in first person view because such ways of drone navigation are extremely hard and require lots of experience. You should first learn basic drone flying before you jump into this advanced ways of drone operating.

Flight Time

Flight time is not great, but this is beginners drone, so it is not really that important to stay long in the air. You have time, you need to think about your flying while the battery is charged. But at a low speed and ideal whether you can get 9 minutes of flying time which is not bad for this price range drone. But if you use high speed and weather is windy, you will unfortunately only get around 5 minutes of airtime.


Drocon X708W HD Quality Pictures


Without a doubt, I can recommend Drocon X708W to any new drone pilot. You will have a great time flying this drone, and you will learn all the tricks of drone flying. After all, this drone is not expensive, and even if you bump into obstacles, it will not be a huge financial problem to your bank. You should also check Drocon U31W review.

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