Drocon U31W – Drone for Beginners

Drocon U31W
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If you are searching for an affordable drone with the camera then Drocon is the best choice for you. Drocon U31W is a decent drone with a decent camera!


  • Extremely Affordable Drone
  • One of Best Drones for Beginners
  • Very Good 720P HD Camera
  • FPV and 3D VR Flying
  • Lots of Safety Measures


  • Low-Quality Resolution
  • Good for Selfies but with Other Types of Recording it May Struggle

Drocon is focused mainly on new drone pilots. The primary focus is on pilots that have zero experience and just want to learn the skill of drone flying so maybe one day they can use mega-popular drones like DJI Mavic Pro and film weddings, events and other ceremonies with lots of people. After all, you need to be experienced drone pilot to navigate heavy drone above people’s heads. Because of that, it is wise to use practice drones like Drocon U31W or Drocon X708W.


Altitude Hold

Drocon U31W Features

Wide Lends HD Camera

Thanks to wide lens HD camera Drocon is able to record wide videos and capture wide angles. 720P HD is maybe a littleĀ bit outdated because main drones already have 4K UHD resolution and 1080P is like a standard among all drones. Sadly Drocon U31W has the only 720P resolution, but still, that is good enough for beginners who need to practice drone flying and recording.

Safety Measures

Drocon put an excellent work on this drone considering the safety that helps in the drone navigation as well as avoiding crashes. If you get out of range drone has an alarm, and you can return drone back in the range. If the battery on the drone gets low, you will also be alarmed. These alarms are useful and will keep you out of trouble. In case the accident is inevitable you could mount propeller protectors which will make sure propellers will stay in one part even after a nasty accident.

Advanced Features

Drone For Selfies

With this drone, you can without a problem take selfies because the camera is on the front side of the drone. Taking selfies is very easy with U31W because with altitude hold feature you can place a drone in front of you while you are making the pose. Altitude hold can be used in various situations and not only when taking selfies. It can set altitude hold on higher altitudes while you are recording from the birds-eye perspective.

FPV and 3D VR

You can use a mobile phone which you can attach on the remote controller and enjoy the ride in a first-person view. This mode is very exciting and will give you a whole new perspective on how to fly a drone. If the first person view is not enough for you and you seek more excitement, then you can use the 3D VR set. With 3D VR headset you can fly a drone without seeing it from the ground. This mode is extremely hard to operate, but with practice, you can master the 3D VR flying. And what is the best drone to practice that skill than an extremely affordable Drocon drone?

Other Stuff

Portable battery is what makes this drone ideal for beginners because you don’t need to be a hi-tech handyman to recharge and switch the battery on the drone. Some drones are not even friendly for kids because the battery is not protected and requires wires and what not. With a portable battery design, even a 3-year-old kid can switch battery without any risk.


Remote Controller


Drocon U31W is ideal for beginners because of the low price. With this affordable drone you will get many advanced features like altitude hold, headless flying mode, one key take off as well as one key landing. If that is not enough to help you fly this drone, then there is a stop button that will stop all actions and reset everything. Drocon made sure that new pilots will feel safe while flying and it includes all the advanced features to help you with that. They make a remote controller with high-quality material, and it is very responsive, but if you prefer smartphone flying, you can do that as well. Drocon has all ways of navigation, and if you buy this drone, you can train all of them.

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