DJI Spark – New DJI Drone for Everyone

DJI Spark
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DJI Spark is one of the best pocket drones on the market. DJI made this drone for teenagers and people who love to take selfies where ever they go.


  • Different Ways of Navigation
  • High-Quality Drone at Affordable Price
  • Decent Camera
  • Amazing Flying Abilities


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DJI Spark is a new DJI drone model. It is more affordable than other drones from DJI company. The goal was to provide a mini drone to the customers that can be easily packed and carried around. Drone with a decent camera and amazing flight abilities. The goal to satisfy all customers whose budget for a drone is limited and just can’t afford a bigger drone like Mavic Pro. Did DJI company succeed in their plans we will see at the end of this review.

DJI Spark with Hand Gesture Flying

DJI Spark – High Quality Affordable DJI Model

DJI Spark is actually a mini-drone, and it’s a wonder that the DJI company went in this direction, as they are known by the big drones which have amazing flying abilities and high-quality cameras. DJI is best known for its great quality cameras that give the best possible picture.

DJI Spark does not have the best possible camera but has an excellent camera which provides 1080P HD resolution at 30fps. It is quite enough to create interesting video clips. 12-megapixel camera for taking images is also more than sufficient. If you would like a drone that has the best camera you should be ready to give twice as much money. That is the reason why DJI released this model, which is focused on all people with a goal that everyone can fly a drone and have fun shooting amazing videos above great places.

Flying Performance of DJI Spark

You only need 15 seconds to set DJI Spark in flying position. Spark is a new generation drone. He can be managed by hands gestures. All you need to do is show him your hand and make a gesture, and Spark will do the rest. I do not know exactly how many hand gestures can Spark recognize, but I believe that we will in the near future, forget the remote controller and all drones will be piloted with signs of arm or sound.

DJI Spark Design

DJI Spark Cool Design

In addition to new ways of piloting, the drone has the possibility to use the smartphone as a navigation tool. But we already know that piloting a drone with a smartphone or tablet is complicated. Therefore, it is recommended to use a remote controller. The remote controller is still the best way for piloting drones. Remote Controller for Spark is quite similar to that of Mavic Pro. There is no LCD screen, but you can set your smartphone on the stand and monitor what is happening on your remote controller.

All in all, the Spark is one of the drones, which is easier to fly. But you will need to take a few minutes to set all the applications required to use all of the drone features.

Spark maximum speed is 50kph. Because the camera is built into the drone, Spark is very aerodynamic and can fly at high speeds even at bad weather. With innovative technology that enables real-time video to even 2 km, you will have a lot of room for fun. Practically, you can see the whole neighborhood within a radius of 2 kilometers. And if you get DJI Goggles your flying experience with Spark is lifted to a higher level. In Sports Mode Spark turns into a real speeder that crosses all barriers at the maximum speed.

Spark has many features, most of them are standard on DJI drones:

  • Flight Autonomy – Allows hovering in all positions and all conditions. It also helps with landings.
  • Return To Home – If you lose signal with your drone, he returns home on its own. With this option, you can be sure that you will not lose your drone in the sky or that some nasty crash will happen.
  • Flight Protection – With this option, you are confident that you will not fly drones in unauthorized areas and at the same time be punished by a law officer.
  • Intelligent Battery – This option is important because you can always know how much is your battery capacity, and if it is low, you can land your drone.

DJI Spark Battery Capacity and Flight Time

Spark has a substantial battery which provides about 15 minutes of flight time. Which is almost twice less than other DJI models. But you should know that this is a mini-drone, and there is no possibility of installing larger and heavier batteries that would allow more time in the air. But the good thing is that the battery can be charged in about 45 minutes. Also, it is possible to charge it with the USB cable. Also, the battery can be replaced, and the extra battery is also quite affordable. Battery capacity is 1480mAh.

DJI again released a drone about which will be lots of talking and writing. Hand gesture flying is something that still is not common, but it’s nice to see where is technology going. Spark is an affordable drone made of high-quality materials. It has many features and incredible flying performance that will satisfy even the most passionate flyer.

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