Control Drones with a Power of Mind

Humans are looking for a way to control objects with mind since the sixties. But then people were focused more on controlling other people. CIA Project MKUltra was stopped in 1973, not sure for what reason, probably it didn’t work. Supposedly they used illegal tests on human subjects, sounds like a horror movie. But mind control is possible. Actually, we can call this telekinesis. Telekinesis is the power of using the mind to control objects. If someone told you this few decades ago, you would say he is nuts. But today even you can control a drone with only using your mind.

Mind Control

Drones Controlled by Mind

Ways of Controlling Drones

Remote Controller

At this moment this is the best way of controlling drone. On the remote controller, you have all the buttons, joysticks and indicators that will keep you safe in the air. Having a remote controller your connection with the drone will be stable, and the drone will respond to your commands fast. At this moment I can highly recommend sticking to this way of controlling drone. It is an old school that works.

Using the APP on the Mobile Phone

Many drones can be controlled by a smartphone. You can simply download the application with which you can control a drone. Not all drones have this option. Controlling a drone with a smartphone is not that easy. Smartphones are small, and you will be using WiFi to send navigation commands to drone, and that only means the operating range is reduced. One of the popular drones that can be controlled by a smartphone is DJI Spark.

Hand Gestures

A few years ago we witnessed a drone that was controlled by hand gestures. The name of that drone is DJI Spark. The controls are simple, all you need to do is wave your hands in a particular way in front of a drone, and he will follow your orders. There is a huge limitation to this because drone needs to be facing you and see what hand gestures are given.


DJI Spark – Hand Gesture Drone

Mind Control

In 2014 scientist started to work on drones that can be controlled by the mind. Everyone was thinking that this is science fiction. But a few years later, in 2018 we witness a drone which is navigated only by the using brain.

Emotiv is the neuroscience technology company that is working on mind control drones. But they are not only limited to controlling drones with the mind but also other things. Things that may help people with disability to be more mobile or even help them express their self. A real example is Stephen Hawking who was able to communicate with the world through the use of advanced technology. Thanks to this we now know about Big Bang theory and many other scientific theories this great scientist left to the world. Without the advanced technology that helped him communicate with the world, this would not be possible.

How the Mind Control Works

The technology behind the ability to control objects with a mind is hidden in neuroscience. Our brains use brainwaves for different things, these waves can be read by devices like Emotiv Headset which is put on your head and reads the brainwaves. All you need to do then is simply think about drone and the action of taking off. And to everyone surprise, the drone will take off as soon as you start thinking about it. So far drones are capable of taking off and landing with the mind control. But that is also a step into the new unexplored territory. Without a doubt in a few years, we will see many things controlled by the power of the mind.


Microsoft Hololens Mixed Worlds


To all drone pilots who are making money from flying drones or even hobby drone pilots who wish to have fun I highly recommend to stick with the remote controller for some time. We still need to wait for proper techniques that will allow us full control over drones. Good news is that even Microsoft got into the race of controlling stuff with a brain. They also have their first product out for the public purchase, it is called Microsoft Hololens. Hololens is a headset that mixes the reality with a real world. People who want to get incredibly creative can get lots of use from this product.

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