Christmas Lights on Rosewood Drive in Hesston

In December the best videos filmed by a drone are related to Christmas. The guys at Rosewood Drive in Hesston, KS have already turned their Christmas lights on. These special lights are dancing to the music. There are over 60 000 lights that are programmed to over 40 minutes of music.

In the video, you can see DJI Phantom 3 SE in the action. The video quality is amazing considering that the video is filmed at night. You can see that the lights are really dancing to the music.

If you are living near the Rosewood Drive in Hesston you must visit this place and see the lights with your own eyes, I am sure you won’t regret it. For all other people, there is this YouTube video from Austin Bollinger channel that is made for the rest of the world to see this amazing light show for the Christmas.

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